22 free crosscut sled plans: the real ultimate guide to, Designing your own cross cut sled for the table saw wonderful and free crosscut sled plans.
So, let’s say that we want to build a woodworking project like a picture frame and we are looking to create four dead on miters joints. For my money I’ll use the table saw miter sled with a quality saw blade any day because an accurate miter sled gives the woodworker a greater amount of control over the material being cut. The table saw miter sled can also be used as a cross cut sled by leaving space between interior miter fences and the fence closest to the woodworker. I really enjoyed watching you make this jig and the subsequent video on making the picture frame.
First of all, thanks for taking the time to watch the videos and for taking the time to post your question.
One thing I like about the mitre sled is that the interior mitre fences are set square to one another. Keep in mind that if you ask the question about accuracy when you are new to woodworking you are then likely to carry the question of accuracy as you gain experience. Thanks for taking the time to post your videos and as always this was very helpful in that everything was relative to each other and the saw as opposed to some builds that have the sled independently assembled and then fitted to the saw. When you look around on the sight you see that various sleds are often used in the building of projects.
Where does the motivation come from – besides the obvious to help us fledgling neophytes. My motivation for this blog is simply gratitude for those who taught me woodworking over many years. If you want more details there’s an article on my website OR check out Williams Video. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ.
My router got a bit squirrelly as I cut the slot for the t-track towards the right side of the fence.
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Most of them don’t tell you what the thicknesses of lumber used are or any other dimensions.
Woodworking forums, well, those can get a little rough ;) Here are some great crosscut sled threads that will inspire you to visit but not live in forums!
Sign me up for free emails from Fine Homebuilding with the latest news, tips, and techniques. The centralized miter fence needs to be accurately set to 90 degrees when the the miter sled is being constructed.
If you do not have one, it’s not a problem because they are simple to build just like other cross cut sleds. A SketchUp model for the dedicated table saw miter sled has been created for your convenience.
If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to build a better miter sled, then I’d love to hear about it. Whether it be a mitre sled that we build or a commercial mitre sled the common denominator that we strive for is always accuracy. However, the angles of mitre guage and express sled must be set up relative to the saw blade.
If you are looking for more information concerning the dedicated miter sled…check out the following postings. This blog is dedicated to my woodworking instructor, to the people over the years that hired me, and also to all the craftsmen that I worked with and shared the craft of carpentry and woodworking.
The last one is a collection of pictures that will help get your brain’s blade whirling.
Since you’ll be making both a left miter cut and a right miter cut, you are guaranteed a joint that will add up to 90 degrees every time.
Paraffin wax is applied to the bottom of the miter sled to allow for a better sliding action. While I have heard very good reports on the Incra mitre guage and the mitre express sled I must tell you that I have not used them.
I am a big believer in the Wixey digital protractor for setting the mitre angle to the blade. It wud be VERY helpful if you could add narration to say what tools you are using & also to give some dimensions. My motivation also comes from people who are hungry to learn skills and techniques of woodworking.

If not, putting a peace of wood in the kerf of the sled and using a square will get you close.
I have a lot of tools here, but we can't get to them to use them right now, so sadly there isn't much woodworking in my near future. This woodworking article and video show how to make a precision crosscut known as the table saw miter sled. This is provided that the material is properly secured and and also provided that there is no sawdust or debris between the material and the fence that it rest against.
Before long you too will be cutting miters for your wood projects efficiently and confidently every single time. With that being said, the key is for the angle of the mitre joint to add up to 90 degrees…and all four of the mitre joints to add up to 360 degrees. Likewise I like using the Wixey digital angle gauge to confirm that the sawblade is 90 degrees to the table of the saw. I appreciate the energy and desire of the apprentice and I also enjoy the refined skills of the journeyman no matter what their age. I think you’ll agree that they are a number of ways that a woodworker can cut miter joints for our wood projects. The perfect miter joints are predictable and duplicatable when a woodworker uses the table saw miter sled. You will quickly notice an increased quality to your woodworking when you make a decision to build this saw sled.
That’s ok because the sum total adds up to 90 degrees and as a result all of the joints will be tight. If one believes that attaching a block or a box to where the saw blade exits, then that’s the thing to do. Keep in mind that with sleds like these there is no need to push the sled’s fence all the way through the blade. This advantage is called accuracy.This woodworking tutorial walks you through all the steps of building the table saw sled.

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