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As some of you may be aware, generally speaking it is good to stay away from using treated pine in building raised garden beds because most treated pine is treated with chemicals that include arsenic. I stumbled across this product when I myself was trying to work out which wood I would use to build a garden bed. I was so happy with this product that I actually went out and bought another two and set them up in the same way. I’d strongly recommend this product if you are looking to install raised garden beds at your place.
Hi, glad that you are using the ACQ Treated Pine garden bed from bunning as I was waiting for someone to write w review about it. I got a question though, to avoid soil running out, do you put hard plastic sheet inside the garden bed?
Soil will naturally diminish in these but as you need to be adding organic matter to keep your garden healthy, I haven’t found it to be an issue. I myself don’t know, specifically, though my initial research suggests it can stay for a decade or more. Could you buy 2 packs, and make a tiered garden, 1 section 3 planks high then stepped down to 1 plank high adjacent to it? Australia's home building and renovation community providing you with access to the largest building forum and premium directory of trade professionals. This is something I'm looking at at the moment - I'd love some rectangular planters (kind of like half of a wooden forklift pallet) hanging on the timber fence but not sure if the weight will be an issue. Hi There,Yes I have used the Atlantis Gro wall with great success,I am a dedicated Vertical Garden designer and installer.You need to look at your water supply, the aspect your wall faces as this will determine the type of plant you use.
Hi Mazisto ,you can buy a GRowall kit, this will give you 6 modules and enough room for 18 advanced plants.Mount this on a wall or frame and run some retic in as per the brochure and feed the water out of you fish tank underneath. A heap of green roof research being done at Melb uni Fu, in fact a lot of new buildings here have green roofs as standard in melbs. We provide clear solutions and benefits for better health, increased productivity, and lower environmental impact. We publish solutions for integrated vegetation, urban agriculture, smart cities, and green real estate resulting in better urban health, increased productivity, and lower environmental impact. There is conflicting evidence as to whether the arsenic actually does or does not leach into the soil, and as such most people stay away from this.
When I saw a pre-cut and ready to DIY assemble packed garden bed that was priced at only $49 I thought all my Christmas’ had come at once.
I took it home and started putting it together to see just how easy this product was to use and whether or not it suited my needs. It was light-weight enough to be able to move once assembled but felt very strong and stable. The second and third frame only took me about 20 minutes each to assemble since I knew exactly what I was doing.
After each crop I add a few bags of manures and soil improvers and this both keeps the soil high and adds nutrients back into the soil.
I have some posts that are 20 years old & have used them for corners of our raised garden bed. The chances, after 20 years, of getting a high dose of arsenic in your plants is low HOWEVER it is very likely, by the look of it, that some arsenic would still be present.

So half a trailer (0.35 cubic metres) would probably be a decent amount, which you could top up a little?
I don’t want to shade the grass too much, and the extra height will be easier to tend. You’d just have to drill a few extra holes and modify how the one which is one section high is joined.
You should check out the ultimate gardening toolkit (click the link at the top of the site), which has shortcuts to all of the best, most useful and most popular posts I’ve released.
We are thinking of putting in a vertical garden but I realise this is a fairly new concept.I have come across a system called Gro-wall. Plant your crops or herbs into a mixture of vermicullite and pearlite and drain the water back into your fish tank.
By connecting you with experts, we bring awareness to solutions that may not be top of mind.
I am more than happy to field these questions and hopefully I am able to answer them sufficiently most of the time.
However, ACQ treated pine is safe because the treatment chemicals used DO NOT INCLUDE arsenic or chromium for that matter. To build this myself I would have struggled to do it for less than that price (at wholesale price it would be possible) and the added labour this would save me appealed greatly. All I had to do was grab my drill, put the right philips head drill piece in and get to work. It measures 120cm x 120cm x 31cm which is a little lower than I would have liked, but for the ease of use I am happy with that. This DIY Garden Tower Planter (strawberry planter) will give you the extra gardening and planting space you need. The only problem with vertical gardens is there is so many (expensive) systems on the market and no long term Australian data to back them up.
However, today I am reviewing a product that I recommend to anyone who wants to improve their vegetable garden and isn’t already using raised garden beds. This is a great DIY Garden Project but because of the compound angles that need to be cut, it requires a compound miter saw which does take some skill to use correctly.This tower set us back around $200 dollars to build ourselves but everything was available at our local home improvement store which makes for easy one stop shopping.
Any pictures anyone wants to share please?Hi Carolleigh,I find the best ways to make a vertical and save money are as follows.You can bolt wooden posts onto the wall and then fix Weldmesh to it the size you want your garden. Plant as you would in a conventional garden, shade plants inshade and sun loving (most herbs and crops) in full sun. Fill with light weigh soil mix.You would want to be careful that it is not too front heavy. Today I am reviewing a product I recently discovered at Bunnings, ACQ Treated Pine garden beds. After putting the frame together I filled it with my desired soils and manures and also built a simple polypipe reticulation system into it. This DIY project did take quite a bit of time, approximately 4 days after work, so about 16 hours, which can make for a good long weekend project. When buying the Weldmesh make sure you get the right size mesh to take either a 130 or 140mm pot in each hole. I hang a shade cloth over the wall during storms to stop wind and hail damage and a mesh at all other times to keep the butterfly and moths off them. Pretty hard for a consultant to recommend a 50k green wall in the city with no independent data Domestically though, why wouldn't you. You then put a pot with your choice of plant in each of the holes,you do not have to stick to one colour,you can make up a mural. We also added a layer of rocks and gravel underneath the dirt to try to help with water drainage. Also, since the upper most layers will dry out the fastest, in the future we want to rig up a time controlled spray irrigation line from the very top of our garden pyramid planter. Get two sheets and fix them together with a gap of around 40cm between them and then line the whole thing with carpet felt underlay.

By doing this the top layers will not dry out and the water will also trickle down to the base layers ensuring even watering if we time it correctly. We were thinking of using a large PVC pipe with small dripping holes to water our strawberries. We may build another one and make a space in the center piece of our cedar post for the PVC pipe to fit into. An organized and "square" raised garden bed can not only give you fresh vegetables, but can beautify your backyard as well. A cold frame is a low profile enclosed box that will act somewhat like a greenhouse and protect your outdoor garden plants from extreme weather. The problem is that most high quality headboards that are professionally upholstered cost from $500 to $800 each. This is a fairly simple project and can be completed with any type of flat topped coffee table no matter how large. I also believe that it would conserve dehydration since the soil would be somewhat protected from direct midday sun, but still allow the leaves of the plant sunlight. For additional water retention, why not add water retaining gel or some sort of water retaining mix to the soil? My only change at this point addresses the amount of what I see as wasted soil, which increases the lower you go on the tower.
Window Boxing each level where needed or building a secondary internal pyramid to form a back wall would eliminate the unneeded dirt. The very top of course and maybe a couple levels down wouldn’t need this boxing or back wall.
Would be a great sell.Reply 10 Bucuresti January 17, 2015 at 11:12 amCan i use these structure for growning chili pepper? For the top of the side pieces of the frame, do you know what the measurement where they meet up with the top trim? The book says to make a 15 degree cut, but doesn’t mention how far in to start the cut. CharleneReply 16 Paul M May 11, 2014 at 2:20 amOne thing you can do to prolong the life of the wood is spray the interior (the part that will touch dirt) with plasti-dip.
Just enough to fill 1 to 2 inches full of rocks that way as it rains the soil is damp from each of the levels.
About how many strawberry plants can you plant in this tower?Reply 23 DIY Project Help Tips March 25, 2014 at 4:12 pmAlison, For strawberries, space them 8 to 12 inches apart, with rows about 1 to 2 feet apart. I like this idea.Reply 25 Doug January 24, 2014 at 3:25 pmWould it work to run a soaker hose in a spiral around your center column?
That would allow interior watering, drawing roots deep into the soil.I guess my major concern is the longevity of the wood. We create several design for the organic community here and all we use if redwood or ceder. The hose connection comes out about two feet from the ground and extends just far enough to get your hand on it. I have 3 pyramid planters, and keeping them properly watered is a significant problem!Reply 34 DIY Project Help Tips April 30, 2013 at 7:49 pmHi Martha, We used a simple $8 dollar water pump and 10 feet of PVC pipe. We attached the timer to our water pipe, cut lengths of tubing and put a section of soaker hose in each container. April 27, 2016 How To Remove and Replace a Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve April 27, 2016 How Often Do Fire Extinguishers Need To Be Replaced?

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