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Buying an eco friendly garden shed is a wise choice to increase your family's storage or outdoor entertaining space. No matter how large or small your shed is, what it's being used for, who erected it on your property (you, or a professional contractor) or where you purchased it, you may need a building permit or zoning permit.
In most cases, not obtaining a permit if it is mandated won't be a problem until you go to sell the home, and then the lack of proper permits could delay closing. Aside from avoiding trouble with local officials, there are also very logical reasons to get a permit or an inspection. Additionally, permits will ensure that your shed isn't sitting on wetlands or other property where it's illegal to build, constructed over gas lines, a cesspool or septic system, or too close to your neighbor's property. Requirements may vary by town or municipality, so it's important to find out from a building inspector exactly where you can place your shed. ECO Garden Sheds are designed to match the lines of your house and look beautiful on your property, so you don't have to hide them toward the back of your lot to preserve the look of your backyard.
When we first began investigating the possibility of placing a new shed in our backyard, we learned that, in our town, a shed cannot be larger than 10-feet by 10-feet. In the City of Portland, Oregon, you can build a structure that is up to 200-square-feet and 10 feet in height, without a building permit, although zoning permits may be required.
In Anne Arundel County, Maryland, sheds under 64-square-feet do not require building or zoning permits, but sheds greater than this size require a building permit and plans before construction begins.

These are just three examples from different regions, proving the important of checking with local officials. Regardless of the size of your shed, you may be required to obtain additional permits for electrical or plumbing if you plan to run water or electricity to your shed. If you're not familiar with plumbing or electrical work, it's best to hire professionals to do the job safely and correctly.
Dawn Allcot is a mom-of-two who tries to live as sustainably as possible on Long Island, through energy efficient home remodeling projects, gardening and conservation.
In most cases, sheds are not taxable structures on your property, but they may be subject to state or local ordinances and regulations.
Remember, rules vary by state, so check with your municipal building department in your town or city before you build your shed. But all you need is a neighbor who is upset that you won't lend him your chainsaw to report you, and you may have to remove your shed. In some places, the rule is your shed can't be within 10-feet of the back property line, and 15 feet from the side property line.
You can build two 10 X 10 sheds, but not one 20 X 10 shed, unless you apply for a building variance. You might think an 8 X 8 shed is so small, it shouldn't require a permit, but, in at least one county in Maryland, it does. In some town, cities, or states, work may be required to be completed by a licensed electrician.

You've put a lot of time and money into choosing, buying and constructing the perfect garden shed. She writes extensively about green living and energy efficiency at MyMove, and has covered eco-friendly remodeling for publications like Bella, ParentSociety, and Worship Facilities Magazine. When you investigate the other rules for building your shed, you can find out if you need a permit or not. Additionally, town officials can see any home's backyard from Google Earth and, if a shed pops up, they might decide they want to earn some money from you with a hefty fine. It pays to do things "by the book" to ensure the safety of yourself and your family, the life of your shed, and to avoid costly fines down the line. Do-it-yourself sheds that aren't built from purchased kits may not have the necessary supports in their design, and the materials may not be strong enough to withstand some weather.
The safest way to construct your shed is to purchase a kit from a reputable dealer, and let that dealer install the shed for you, as well.

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