This outdoor storage box is ideal for those who love a bit of gardening and auto work on the weekend. This 7x7 Lifetime Heavy Duty Shed is the perfect shed for smaller gardens and is a great compact storage design. Specially designed for outdoor use, the storage box is made by heavy duty polyethylene material for a durable, weather proof and rust-free body.
It is ideal for tools, toys and smaller garden equipment.These heavy duty plastic storage sheds are made from PVC and an internal steel frame.
From now on, you won't be frustrated as the storage box came equipped with an adjustable lid, wheels and handles for easy mobility and it is also lockable for your security.

This also guarantees that the shed will never rot or rust, and so, will last a lifetime – the manufacturer also provides a 10 year guarantee. All you need is to get a lock, tap it into the hole and DONE! Easy to assemble without needing any tools, this outdoor storage box will be the solution to keep your tools dry and secured. They can be placed anywhere in the garden and have a built in integral flooring.The roof has an apex design which enables larger head room capacity. Don't just buy one today, buy two for auto and gardening and start organising your tools!
This is also beneficial in the British weather, as it means that the steeply sloping eaves allow the water to drain off the roof whenever it rains.

There is also one skylight in the roof and two air vents inside these heavy duty plastic storage sheds which maintain the circulation of fresh air.
In comparison to sheds at roughly the same price, this shed is a brilliant choice and a real winner.

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