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Reasonably quiet and problem-free so far; has exceeded expectations for what I paid for it and if it continues to work worry free, would have to say it's actually rather good value.
If you do not wish to include them in this purchase, please uncheck the ones you would like to remove.

Le velo vertical pratique Livestrong 5.0U est ideal pour commencer un programme de mise en forme, ou pour ajouter de nouveaux defis a votre routine.
I assembled as per instructions and it goes together rather quickly and seems to be a great unit.But after the initial seasoning of the grill at 400 degrees I soon learned it would not keep a temperature lower then 375 degrees which is way too hot. Whether your meat comes from the wild or from your local grocer your will love the end product.

Phoned the supplier ( on hold 40 min) they are sending a new regulator and value kit, but low and behold it is on back order ( wonder why!

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