Thought I would share a simple and easy Canoe rack design that you to can build on a shoestring budget with a few materials laying around your garage. Made 2 of these brackets one fixed the other on hinges to be able to put a canoe up by myself.
Cabin Life, June 2015"The Most Attractive Option For Boat Storage."Click to read the article. Kayracks started out supplying solutions to fit existing trailers (landscape, marine, etc.) with versatile kayak racks, eliminating the need for multiple or specialty trailers. Our lightweight racks are made with high quality aluminum and are manufactured here in the United States.
Our low freight costs are built into every product we sell online and you won't see any inflated freight or shipping costs at checkout time! Boats and boards rest on a padded surface and are securely held in place with safety straps.

Please note that the prices here are not guaranteed and may change at any given point in time.
You change the oil when you need to, you keep it covered in the garage, you get it washed every week. Most are small enough so that they can fit on top of cars and travel with you wherever you go. If so, you no doubt love the water and are counting the days until you can get your small boat back in the water this spring. We custom build our rack systems for an array of water sport equipment, including stand up paddleboards (SUP), windsurfers, surfboards, canoes and kayaks. Since our launch, we have grown by adding features and products that include wall racks, surface racks (dock, seawall, floor, commercial) and custom trailers to meet all water sport transportation and storage needs.
Your surfboard, paddleboard, windsurfer, kayak or canoe isn't properly stored until it's on one of our racks!

However, if you live in Florida or are going to be in the Tampa Bay area, call us to order your product, arrange for pick-up and SAVE! This small boat storage rack is the perfect way to kick boating season off right by getting organized and keeping your water toys safe! They are lighter, easier to maneuver, arguably they provide a good workout, and the engine never breaks down because there is no engine!
They're versatile and reinforced to support the most demanding applicationsa‚ā¨¬¶ especially saltwater!
If you like our racks and don't see what you need, call us and you will be directly in touch with the designer building your custom order.

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