Our comprehensive range of corrugated cases, boxes or cartons is designed especially to cater for a wide range of packaging needs. From bottle packaging, simple book mailers and dvd packaging to removal boxes and large cardboard boxes for shipping, these are efficient, functional and cost-effective packing solutions for both dispatch and storage.
As well as off the shelf products, we supply customised and made to measure cardboard boxes and cartons to meet your needs. We have the ideal corrugated cardboard box for every packing purpose, whether for assembly, order picking, shipping or storage.
Whether your business is involved in lightweight or heavy duty packaging, we have a wide range of corrugated cases in different sizes to choose from. Other cost-effective corrugated cardboard products include pallets, palletised containers and storage bins. Why put up with long lead times and large minimum quantities, when you can choose from over 190 stock sizes, and order in convenient packs of 25 boxes? The double wall boxes are the most popular product in our huge range of single and double wall cardboard cartons. Please contact us for advice or to discuss your needs as other sizes and styles of cardboard case can be made to suit your requirements. With triple thickness corrugated boxes you don’t have to compromise on protection or loading capacity.
Made from high performance, corrugated kraft board and securely side stitched, these boxes comprise of three layers of fluting sandwiched between four liners for maximum rigidity and crush resistance.
Our massive range of long boxes means that you can buy affordable packaging for long items, tubes and rolls off the shelf, in handy packs of 10-25 boxes. Choose from side opening, end opening or telescopic styles for items from 250mm up to 2.5m long. Our flat cardboard boxes are the handy solution for packaging and protecting slim items and shipping small quantities. Archive boxes are strong durable corrugated storage boxes with either hand-holes and lift-off or hinged lids.
These environmentally friendly archival boxes are made from top quality 100% recycled materials and are themselves fully recyclable.
Moving house is a stressful business, so why risk buying oddly sized and dubious quality boxes from opportunistic sellers, when you can buy genuine, purpose-made moving boxes from STORObox?
These moving boxes are sized and manufactured for the job, and are printed with a write-on panel so that you can keep track of your belongings.
An excellent packing solution for shipping or storing clothes, these strong wardrobe boxes feature a plastic hanging bar and hand holes so they provide totally portable hanging clothes storage. No need to order large quantities to get production going, when you can buy a pack of only 25.

Excellent quality small white boxes, made from solid white board and glued along the edge for fl at storage and quick assembly. Strong telescopic boxes with fold-over lid and base design, to give triple thickness protection at the ends and double thickness sides for superior strength. The separate base and slide over-lid enable the height of the box to be adjusted, to suit a variety of different products. Storage boxes can be made of any material, the easiest and the simplest way is from a cardboard. Because clothes usually make up a large percentage of the items that people need to pack before moving to a new home, a lot of moving supply vendors have come up with a wide variety of packaging solutions that can be used for packing clothes for a move or even for storage. Wardrobe boxes are thick and sturdy cardboard boxes which have a metal bar inside and two folding panels in front.
Aside from offering a way to store clothes during a move, wardrobe boxes can also be used in the secure packing of several other items such as potted plants, draperies and even dining chairs. Many people also make use of boxes for moving wardrobes for temporary or even for permanent storage of some of their clothes, especially the ones that they are not using often. This question is from Wardrobe Box with Metal Hanging Bar 4 answers can the box be easily moved when fully packed?
The boxes are very easily moved when they are packed; just make sure not to put too many items on the bottom. You can use the short wardrobes for longer items, too - just hang them on the rod and gently lay the overhang from the items along the bottom of the box.
Depending on the thickness of the articles you put in the box, you could fill it with quite a bit of stuff. Yes, the box is one piece; you just unfold it and tape the bottom, then place the metal bar on the two openings.
Sanitary Ware Brand Wall Mounting Toilet Tissue Box Made In ABS Plastic Specifications: Model NO. Decorative Clothing Gift Boxes , Clothes Cardboard Paper Storage Boxes Special Big Size Size Cuscomized Package Export Carton,Polybag Other Bowknot Our factory profile 1.
Every type of case is made from strong and durable rigid corrugated cardboard to withstand the most rigorous shipping procedures while providing a convenient packing material. Our range of shipping and postal packaging boxes includes small cardboard boxes, foam lined cardboard cartons, mail order cartons and printers cartons. To securely seal the corrugated boxes, see our range of adhesive tape, which also includes coloured tape for easy identification and warning tape for boxes with fragile contents.
While other boxes can crush, triple wall boxes stay tough and rigid, allowing you to utilise full pallets and full loads, even for large and heavy items.
Made from high grade single or double wall rigid flute corrugated cardboard, with improved presentation compared to brown cardboard boxes.

Supplied flat, the boxes are specially made for the safe, dust-free management of records and files. If you are moving to a new location and have a couple of clothes that should not be folded as they are transported, wardrobe boxes can offer an excellent way to keep them wrinkle-free and damage-free.
They can also be used for small pieces of furniture or appliances which cannot fit into other types of moving boxes. Instead of buying or installing new cabinets to store some of your clothes, you can just buy a couple of wardrobe boxes that you can assemble and set up. You can put some shoes or other items inside underneath the hanging clothes; just be sure to tape the bottom both ways (length and width). You can gauge how many boxes you'll need by measuring the width of the closet rods you'll be packing, then deducting about 2-3".
We doesn't provide paper storage boxes products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully.
Supplied flat for convenient storage, they are easy to use which makes the packing process more efficient.
Specifically for storage and removal purposes, we supply cardboard moving boxes, archive boxes and wardrobe boxes.
Made from 100% recyclable premium double wall corrugated board, the wardrobe cartons are flat-packed and easy to assemble. Among these, wardrobe boxes are the most preferred because of the functionality and convenience that they are able to offer.
They usually have a height of about four or five feet, although you can also get those which are shorter or taller, depending on the types of clothes that you need to pack. Some clothes that are best packed in wardrobe boxes include coats, suits, gowns and other pieces of clothing which are made with delicate fabric. You just need to make sure that you would be putting enough padding and packaging materials to prevent any furniture or appliance you store in wardrobe boxes from shifting and getting damaged during the trip. All you need to do is look for a space or area in your home where you can set them up and you instantly have additional closet space without having to spend a lot of time and money on installing new cabinets. If you put two 34", 1"x2" posts along the sides to support the weight of the bar, it will be Much sturdier, and support more weight.
On both sides you need to cut it and put handles that will help you to easily move it without any effort.

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