At Denver Custom Carpentry you will find the most highly qualified and expert wainscot paneling professionals in the state of Colorado. Ask any of our deeply satisfied customers, and they will tell you that Denver Custom Carpentry skips no steps and works closely with you to create the exact paneling masterpiece desire.
Our master craftsmen will first consult with you to understand your every need, and make recommendations drawing on their thorough knowledge and deep experience in the field. Other stunning exotic woods are also available upon request; please consult with your personal master craftsman to find out more.
Denver Custom Carpentry excels at creating standard flat-panel wainscoting, but we are also one of the only companies capable of crafting the unique and visually striking raised-panel wainscoting.
Every inch of our wainscot paneling is meticulous hand-crafted by our experienced master craftsmen. Professional status as a journeyman carpenter in the United States may be obtained in a number of ways. Upon completion of pre-apprenticship, trainess who successfully pass the graded curriculum (taught by highly experienced journeyman carpenters) are assigned to a local union, and to union carpentry crews at work on construction sites or in cabinet shops as First Year Apprentices.
Less formal methods of obtaining Union Journeyman status exist, such as working alongside carpenters for years as a laborer, and learning skills by observation and peripheral assistance. Carpentry skill of a varying degree may be gained through non-union vocational programs, such as high school shop classes. Smith Brothers Finish Carpentry provides custom finish carpentry services to general contractors, homeowners, commercial property owners and designers. If you have a custom finish carpentry project where you need our services, please contact us today to get a quote.

CUSTOM MADE & DESIGN and other trademarks, service marks, and designs are the registered or unregistered trademarks of CustomMade, Inc.
Many of the young men participate in the course that teaches them the valuable skill of carpentry. Our customers’ complete satisfaction is reflected in the vast number of our clients who ask us to craft additional custom woodwork in their homes (such as our exquisite custom handrails and archways) and refer Denver Custom Carpentry to their friends and family.
If you want to make a bold design statement with your wood paneling, then raised-panel wainscoting from Denver Custom Carpentry is the stylish and eye-catching option for you. Lesser work performed by inferior carpenters is plagued by improper fitting, seams, and visible joins – let your eyes be the judge of our precision craftsmanship.
Carpentry is also used to construct the formwork into which concrete is poured during the building of structures such as roads and highway overpasses.
The most formal training is acquired in a four year apprenticeship program administered by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, in which journeyman status is obtained after successful completion of a 12 weeks of pre-appenticeship training, followed by 4 years of on-the-job field training working alongside journeyman carpenters. During pre-apprenticeship trainees in each major division spend 30 hours a week for 12 weeks in classrooms and indoor workshops, learning mathematics, trade terminology, and skill with hand and power tools.
Over the next four years as they progress in status to 2nd Year, 3rd year, and 4th Year Apprentice, they periodically return to the training facility for one week every three months for more detailed training in specific aspects of the trade.
While such an individual may obtain journeyman status by paying the union entry fee and obtaining a journeyman’s card (which provides the right to work on a union carpentry crew) the carpenter foreman will by necessity dismiss any worker who presents the card but not demonstrate the expected work skill. Some large-scale construction may be of an exactitude and artistry that it is classed as finish carpentry.
HistoricallyA balloon framingA was used until the 1950s when fire-safety concerns made platform framing inherently better.

They also practice building methods that require less material to be used yet have the same structeral soundness. This system was custom designed for our client and comes with several accessories such as belt racks, valet rods, shoe shelf and waterfall hanging rod. Carpentry is an age old profession that has its importance even today and not an inch of its significance has boiled down. The difference between our handiwork and the competition is visible even to the untrained eye, and the exact attention to detail of our master craftsmen is vastly superior to the flimsy mass-produced wainscot paneling that has become popular in recent years. While the primary material used is wood, the construction of walls with metal studs, and concrete formwork with reusable metal forms, is a carpentry skill.
Construction carpentry trainees also have a daily calisthentics period to prepare for the physical aspect of the work. More than anything, the attention to detail that we put into each and every section of your wainscot paneling means that your Denver Custom Carpentry wainscoting will last far longer, saving you huge amounts of money in the long run as it eliminates the need for costly repairs or even to redo your entire wall – money that you could definitely use elsewhere – and you will be able to if you go with the experts at Denver Custom Carpentry. With the importance and demand in carpentry, vocational courses on carpentry are imparted to make more and more people professionally established. This is just one more area which either makes these young men in more demand in the workplace, or start their own carpentry business, or provide tables, chairs, and beds for their own homes.

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