Small Coopered Lid Cedar Storage Chest with Tray was a Custom Ordered Size from one of our active duty servicemen. Handcrafted Solid Cedar Steamer TrunksThese have Coopered lids, leather handles, corner guards and key lock. Treasure Chests are unique to each person ordering them and customized to their specifications. Use the Cedar Chest Price Calculator to calculate the price for the size cedar chest you need. One of the reasons this plywood is very popular among skilled craftsmen is the fact that it is very easy to finish.  When finished, it presents a rich appearance that it widely appreciated for its attraction and distinct aroma.

When used for linen chests and blanket storage units, Aromatic Cedar Plywood can protect the investment you have made in your valued material.  Moths often tend to make nests in woolen fabrics (because by nature, they lay eggs on the animals themselves), and their offspring often damage the fabric.  However, Aromatic Cedar Plywood masks the smell of wool and animal fibers present to the clothing, and as a result, they won’t lay their eggs near this useful plywood! Please contact one of our professionals today for more information on this very distinctive, attractive, and functional plywood.  Sterritt Lumber is proud to source and handle Aromatic Cedar Plywood for your many applications.
For all our Garden and outdoor furniture, ESTHETIC PURPOSE and ULTIMATE COMFORT is at the top of our muskoka production list.
Planters and window boxes have become an economical way to beautify many patios, verandas and windowsills. Classic style Garden Benches Park Benches and Wooden Benches by ALL THINGS CEDAR Furniture.

Wherever placed our cedar planters are an excellent addition to any ranch, backyard, frontyard, cottage, or apartment balcony.Choose from 3 sizes. To round off this great selection of cedar planters and window planter boxes we also import a fine collection of teak furniture including teak folding chairs, teak steamer chairs teak arm chairs octogon table sets round picnic tables Fireside Backless Bench and Teak Wave Benches.

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