The biggest and finest of the cedars produced anywhere in the world, the Western red cedar is well known for its remarkable durability and resistance to decay. Western Red Cedar is an attractive wood but it likewise has an unrivaled track record for longevity.
The largest and finest of the cedars produced anywhere in the world, the Western red cedar is famous for its extraordinary sturdiness and resistance to decay. Outdoor furniture, patio furniture and gazebos online; We sell wooden outdoor furniture such as porch swings, garden bridges, patio gliders, patio chairs and picnic tables.
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The contents of my shed is now scattered around the garden and I need a new storage solution. I am begining to realise that shed design has been given little consideration  – at least in Australia and the UK. Since my property boundaries require screening (to gain privacy from my immediate neighbours) I am keen to explore a storage solution that is linear.
The first image shown at the begining of this article is the only colourful outdoor cupboard or shed that I can find. Choosing a favourite quality of Western Red Cedar is like trying to decide a favourite flavour of ice cream.
Decking, Pleasing to the senses, naturally durable and stable, Western Red Cedar is a very popular choice for decking material.
Western red cedar is an unique species, having all the preferable qualities of the other cedars, and extra advantages.

Western red cedar is a distinct types, possessing all the preferable qualities of the other cedars, and extra advantages besides. They used the wood for dugout canoes, house planks, bentwood boxes, clothing, and numerous devices such as arrow paddles, shafts, and masks.
Directly above is an image of my former ugly shed – it was in my rear yard since 1954 and was pulled down towards  the end of 2012 .
Without fail these products are designed and built for a male with no aesthetic appreciation.
Natural resistance to deterioration has long made Western Red Cedar the premier choice for either interior or exterior home use. The even grain and relatively consistent density make Western Red Cedar less likely to swell, warp, cup and twist than other soft and hard woods. Though rich in extractives that enhance durability, Western Red Cedar is free of the pitch and resin found in other softwoods. Western Red Cedar's large, open cell structure makes it less dense than most other softwoods.
Western Red Cedar's low density increases the insulation of a home by transporting less heat through interior wall panelling or exterior wall siding than brick or stone, vinyl or gypsum drywall. As an interior panelling or exterior siding, the low density of Western Red Cedar makes it an acoustical barrier of much greater quality than most products marketed for those applications.
Beauty, durability, choice of finish, insulation value and dimensional stability make Western Red Cedar a premier material for exterior siding and interior panelling. Produced in a range of patterns and sizes, Western Red Cedar often appears in fencing, lattice, balustrades, gazebos, pergolas and in decorative accessories.
The superior qualities of Western Red Cedar are summed up in this removed from the grading policies released by The Pacific Lumber Evaluation Bureau .
It can be finished to a smooth, silky finish; it is devoid of pitch, it takes and holds paints and spots wonderfully, and has exceptional glueing homes.
Cedar fibres contain natural compounds called thujaplicins that act as natural preservatives, making the wood extremely long- lasting.

As a result, it retains a distinguished appearance that lends a mark of quality to any home. Its ability to accept different stains, dampen vibrations and reduce or confine noise makes it particularly effective for use as panelling. Because it needs minimal treatment, unlike the toxic chemical preservatives used on pressure-treated woods, Western Red Cedar is ideal for use in playground equipment.
Its color is very attractive, differing from nearly pure white of the narrow sapwood to the light straw shade of dark reddish-brown of the heartwood. From lightly toned clear solutions to two-coat solid colours, cedar ranks at the top in its ability to accept and maintain a finish. The wood is versatile enough to be used in residential, commercial or industrial structures and is widely used in saunas for its low thermal conductivity.
While the wood is ideal for almost all types of finishes, in addition homeowners who prefer a distinctive silver grey colour may allow their decks to age naturally. The wood from the Western red cedar tree has a vey reduced coefficient growth, so that it does not reduce, puffiness or buckle excessively, even when subjected to changing degrees of temperature and hydration.
It has prime insulating qualities and its pleasing fragrant smell is repellent to moths, pests and vermin. The wood is saturated to every fiber with a natural preservative oil which renders it virtually immune to decay and gives it severe toughness without synthetic preservative treatment.
It is not required to paint cedar to preserve its surface, as it does not wear away even under serious weather modifications.

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