The Shedrite Budget Apex Shed provides great storage for all garden equipment at a highly competitive market price. Access to the Shedrite Budget Apex Shed is easy with a well braced single door and stylish windows supplied as standard.
BEWARE OF CHEAP IMITATION APEX SHEDS:Unlike many budget competitor products this overlap apex shed is built with only the highest quality materials and many garden sheds in the market simply cannot compare! It is essential that this overlap apex shed is assembled strictly in accordance with the instructions supplied on a firm and level base constructed from a suitably durable material.
For more information on how to correctly assemble and maintain your overlap apex shed please consult our comprehensive help centre.
All images and photography used is purely for illustrative purposes only – actual product colours may vary slightly due to the digital photography process and variations in individual user monitor settings. Our list of metal sheds are taken from the most popular websites which are Argos, B&Q, Homebase, Wickes and Tesco Direct.
So make a brew, check our list and make notes on some of the cheapest garden sheds in the UK from the stores you can trust.

The apex roof style provides an increased internal height giving enough room for most adults to stand comfortably inside without the need to stoop. It also comes complete with high grade finish overlap cladding, protected with a red cedar water based treatment. It should also be treated shortly after assembly and then annually thereafter with an appropriate high quality preservative and all glazing units must be sealed, inside and out, with silicone or other water tight sealant. I'm Gordon and I created this site to find the best cheap stuff around so you save money while getting the job done.
Here we've scanned all the products from the best home and garden stores and brought you all the best products and put them under one roof. While they all offer many different metal garden sheds they are designed for a certain purpose in mind. Yardmaster metal sheds are in high demand but other makes such as Rowlinson, Woodvale, Asgard and Pent also get great reviews. Its classic design and striking features make this overlap shed an ideal storage space for any garden.

The ultra-strong 28x44mm internal rounded four corner framework provides additional structure and strength. We've done this you can quickly see which are the cheapest metal sheds without checking all the different stores.
These purposes could be a simple storage shed (with or without floors), a metal bike shed to keep your bicycle secure, a storage box for the garden tools, etc.
The roof is covered with a heavy duty green mineral felt to ensure the contents of your overlap apex shed will not suffer even during severe weather conditions. Soon you'll be able to tell if these metals sheds are on sale with our new system (coming soon). Finally, the sturdy boarded timber floor and roof sections mean this value shed will outlast its lower specification competitors.

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