BEST VOCALS - This is a definite tie between Cheap Trick's Robin Zander and Big Star's Alex Chilton. BEST GUITARS - Cheap Trick's Rick Nielson is so good he isn't just influenced by Jeff Beck he is FRIENDS with Jeff Beck! BEST ALBUM - All those Big Star albums are better than any Cheap Trick album but we don't have "albums" any more so get that Baby Boomer crap outta here before we start talking about Bell Bottom Pants. Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE still hasn't made a dent in the US market in any significant way, but it did turn heads with the ZMAX for T-Mobile, combining a big 5.7-inch screen and a spacious battery with a low price tag. Of course at that price the Grand X Max isn't exactly grand to look at - plastic seams are easily apparent despite the faux carbon fiber back and the slim bezels. Just in time for the fall TV season, the ZTE Grand X Max comes equipped with a 6-inch high definition screen and a quad-core processor that delivers a powerful streaming experience, allowing users to watch football or their favorite prime time television series on-the-go with ease. For people seeking even more fall deals, Cricket continues to offer a $100 bill credit** to customers who make the switch from any from T-Mobile and MetroPCS to Cricket Wireless through October 19. But for real, this doesn't seem too bad just for something extra, though I'd still probably go with a Moto G as a backup. I think it's only a 4G device, no LTE from what I gather and according to the Cricket representative, it only gets legacy 4G, not the newer LTE.
Yeah, Power Pop - If Black people can go around talking about something called "Hip Hop" White people can talk about "Power Pop". Robin Zander sounds Great on even the crummier Cheap Trick records and there aren't any crummy Big Star records so Alex Chilton always sounds Great, too.
Check out my hilarious "Best Bass" bits in "KISS Versus The Beatles", "The Clash Versus The Sex Pistols", and "Hendrix Versus Harpo".
Carlos is so brilliant it breaks my Heart to remember that he is no longer playing with Cheap Trick - DAMN!
Things go badly for Cheap Trick and they Write a bunch of Songs, record an Album, and spend a year Touring all over the World. Wall mirrors without a frame are a good installation point for a bathroom, especially above a vanity.
By combining the features of stained glass with a mirror, a new look for any room can be achieved. Consider adding them to your home today and you may be surprised at how open a closed room can feel. You can download and get the Cheap Big Wall Mirrors images by click the download button below to get multiple high resolution versions. The new Grand X Max, coming to budget carrier Cricket on October 10th, is even bigger and cheaper. And at two hundred bones, the hardware is decidedly low end: that big screen uses only a 720p LCD screen, putting it in the same league as Samsung's Galaxy Mega series. It's also running Android 4.4 (plus a few ZTE skinned elements and the Peel Smart Remote app) right out of the gate, an important consideration on a carrier that tends to come in last for updates.

Whether you’re an on-the-go mom, a super social user, a business user, or a value seeker wanting the advantages of a larger smartphone, this is the device for you.
The phablet comes pre-loaded with Peel Smart Remote, the ultimate entertainment companion that personalizes TV recommendations based on viewing habits and can be paired with your home entertainment system or mobile device. In addition, to help satisfy the demand for high-speed data Cricket's Basic, Smart and Pro plans now offer, for a limited time, the same low plan prices with even more high-speed data access***. I love the large screen phones that other networks have so it's awesome to see one priced so competitively for a smaller carrier. We already sell the smaller grand x and that phone will start random rebooting before the customer walks out the door. For $200 I like the corners they decided to cut (screen and RAM, would have preferred to see a 13MP camera) and over all look of that device. I can see the keys and numbers without straining, the maps app is awesome, the weather app is great to have and on an on. There I was, dying of Pneumonia in a Hospital Bed when a TBS Promo on the TV Set up there on the wall informed me that CHEAP TRICK was gonna be on the new Conan O'Brien "Boo Hoo Hoo, Now I'm On Cable" Show that Night "Oh, Good! Things go badly for Big Star and Alex Chilton goes to New Orleans to wash dishes for a living after the other guy drives a car into a Telephone pole and everybody suspects its Suicide. Install glass clips into the wall, slide the mirror into place, and then tighten the installation down.
Toughened or laminated mirrors can even help to make a home more secure when installed on an exterior wall.
This massive 6-inch phone will pack a beefy 3200mAh battery, all for just $199.99 without a contract. Between the big size, low price, and probably a great battery life with a big power reserve and low-powered hardware, the Grand X Max could make some frugal customers very happy.
If you want a phone that'll never get updates, a screen that keeps fucking up and a phone that decides that it's going to turn off and on all the time for no apparent fucking reason? I'm not a Cricket customer but I really want to see devices like these become more prominent. Add up the costs, and Cricket plan and a this big screen ZTE smartphone can't be beat anywhere else.
I'll Watch that and then I can die!" CONAN O'BRIEN: And now, tonight's Musical Guest on "The Tonight Show" . Look at all these pictures of Big Star in the early Seventies with those Bell Bottom Pants! Things so well for Cheap Trick and they Write another bunch of Songs, record another Album, and spend another year Touring all over the World.
You can get Wall Mirrors You Can Really Use and look the Wall Mirrors You Can Really Use in here. The battery comes equipped with Qualcomm's QuickCharge 1.0 system for dramatically faster recharging.

Cricket is offering a $100 bill credit if you switch from T-Mobile or MetroPCS between now and October 19th.
The most prominent case we see is the left and right side edges of the screen stop functioning. My only complaint is it's not portable HotSpot compatible so once the new Cricket starts the portable hotspot again, I would have to purchase a new phone that would be compatible for it. Big Star's Alex Chilton was a great Guitar Player but ALL those Rock Star Guitar Players were GREAT.
So on a keyboard you can't press the letters "a, or q" and on the right side the "p" or "l" ZTE either has low quality control or they are just crap.
I downloaded the app for my university so I can keep up with my assignments and it is wonderful. How Cool can it be to be a Rock Star Guitar Player once a dork like Tom Scholz shows up with all those Effects Pedals and shit? Almost any material can be used to make a mirror frame, so choose the ones that are your favorite. Great Guitar Players are like Great Pro Basketball Players and Great Cable Drama TV Series - Too much god damn Greatness in America these days! But what about that album Cheap Trick made with the Old Man who Produced all those Beatles records - Why does it sucketh so? But if things somehow had gone well for Big Star the other guy would have driven a really expensive European car into a really expensive European Telephone pole so Alex Chilton could fire everybody else and replace em with Tommy Stinson, Buckethead, and some guy named Bumblefoot.
If Big Star made an album with George Moroder or whatever that Old Man's name is it would have been better than anything Big Star or The Beatles ever did! Cheap Trick once invested all their money into their own Record Label and the very same day they released an album the Distributor they were in cahoots with went Bankrupt! Cool!" Robin Zander once did a Solo Album and the only Very Special Super Celebrities he could get for it were the guys from REO Speedwagon! One night when Cheap Trick was opening for KISS Peter Criss was too drunk to play so they got Bun E. Thank God Gene Simmons incinerated every camera within one hundred and fifty miles with a single belch of Lighter Fluid. Cheap Trick get so little respect it is widely believed that the horrible racket on all those Motley Crue records was performed b y Cheap Trick in return for one hell of a lot more money than they got for the really great Music on all those Cheap Trick records. Rick Nielson invited Guns N' Roses to his House, challenged them to a Tequila Drinking Contest, physically assaulted all five of them all by his fat Middle Aged self, and got his ass kicked by Izzy Stradlin. Hey, Alex Chilton was always running around Memphis like a drunken psychopath, did he ever get invited to Graceland and kick Elvis' ass?

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