All hardware we use is either galvanised or BZP coated (except some decorative black ironware). Windows are fitted with toughened glass - not cheap greenhouse glass generally used by shed manufacturers. Roofs are covered with heavy duty green mineral bitumen coated 40 gram felt, not cheap shed felt.
John over at Secrets of shedbuilding has kindly written a post about a leaking roof, in response to my problems with my shed roof, which know I think is the side wall letting in water, after the roof initially leaked! Felt is a polyester reinforced bitumen coated sheet which normally has a protective fine green mineral finish. These three tab shingles are nailed down to the roof and overlap each other, so that you have a fish scale sort of effect and the roof is covered by at least two layers at any point. When you price in your time for re-felting and repairing the roof every 5 years, the benefit of improved appearance with shingles and the reduced risk of water damage to the contents of your shed the shingles start to look a lot more attractive. They were able to answer a lot of my roofing questions when I was unsure with how to proceed with my project. I'm a roofer, I think if I was going to cover a shed roof in felt I would use torch on roofing felt.

A fine shed felt in a green slate finish, designed to be used in an economical single layer. Weatherproof and protective long-lasting shed felt with an attractive black mineral finish. Weatherproof and protective long-lasting shed felt with an attractive green mineral finish. This 7 x 5 Overlap Apex Shed is specifically designed for property developers and builders. This Rustic Overlap Pent Shed is designed to provide a compact storage solution that can fit into awkward spaces.
Base bearers of 75x50mm section (allowing maximum ground clearance and air flow) help keep the base clear of damp and moisture. The traditional roll of roofing felt has a lot going for it as it is cheap it is quite easy to install. These come in packs that cover about 3m? and are nailed down to the shed roof giving an appearance of roof tiles.
Quite pricey but apparently EPDM is expected to give a life of at least 50 years by the manufacturers.

When you've closed the file on your new Sheds & Garden Furniture search, we're sure you'll see some reputable retailers.
According to AnyWeather Roofing in the US, the popular choices are asphalt shingles, clay shingles, and wood shingles. The shingles come in a strip of three which makes it easier to get them all lined up properly. We can also arrange to visit you to do a site survey to enable you to decide on the size or style of your building. Another option has become more popular in the past few years, had you considered using felt shingles? The shingles are designed to be pretty durable and with manufacturers claiming a life span of between 20 and 40 years, you shouldn’t have to replace them too often. As soon as water starts to make its way into the shed it causes damage to the roof deck, it can cause mildew and allows the contents to become wet or damp.

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