Most fencing companies would not bother to do these most important parts when erecting the fence, so within five years the fence would need replacing.
This causes a few issues with the shed, first it makes it easy to gain access because the panels are so weak and secondly the materials will rot a lot quicker than our sheds.
Pent sheds have a sloping roof and are ideal for garden that need a shed tucked away to a side. Some sheds in your flat pack put together yourself format can be made from the same material as lap fencing which is really weak.

We can deliver and make up the shed to any area within Hull and must stress that you must have a level base already laid. We add post caps on top of our posts and add extra creosote when cutting timbers and were necessary to prevent future rot. However we can when you order a shed arrange for a base to be laid by ourselves but this must be done when ordering the shed. Many garden fencing companies in will provide cheap quotes on fence installation but doesna€™t necessary mean the fence will last.

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