In the bedroom you have space for a double bed and a wardrobe for storage which is an essential requirement for modern living. So whether you are just looking for a cheap home or temporary accommodation while you build you house then look no further.
If this design is not to your taste please feel free to browse all the residential log cabins within the residential section and if you still can't find what you are after give us a call as we can arrange to have a bespoke log cabin built to your exact specifications. We sell, deliver and build log cabins all over Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland and we can arrange to either deliver only, deliver and build your log cabin. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
You can wash, polish and service your car monthly but that won’t protect your car from the harsh weather our country is renowned for right?  No polish will protect your car from hail, salt damage, flying branches and dust storms! We’ve also had customers purchase and build shelves in the garage and use the additional space for storage.
They are all Australian made and can be shipped direct to your home in all major cities and regional centres of Australia. They come in either the standard zinc colour (silver) or you can have them supplied in a painted colour (you can easily choose this at checkout on our website). All garages come standard with the Gable Roof, which allows for good drainage into the gutters and downpipes. As the garages have different types of doors you will need to determine which one is right for you. Depending on your taste, you may want a coloured shed to suit the style and layout of your home.

Free depot delivery service is available to a range of local depots around the country as well. We carry a huge range of standard size garages on our catalogue, however if you require a size that is not standard, you can fill in the obligation free custom shed quotation form. Keep in mind that custom sizes require a unique set of engineering documentation and tend to be quite more expensive as standard size buildings that already have the engineering documents prepared. Checkout what some of our happy customers have to say about the garages they purchased from Cheap Sheds. We have made a tremendous amount of progress with the old house in Rusk, but we still have a few weeks left to go, especially since Mother Nature has not been cooperating with us the last few days. The HUGE attic fan was removed safely (thank God) using a pulley system.  It is that scary big. We salvaged the tin and some of the wood, but most of the wood was trashed because it was so rotten. Although they look in fairly decent shape, the subfloor is so rotten in places that Mark fell through so we stopped the floor removal process until later.
This was completely unintentional and funny photo that I discovered when we made our last trip to the dump.  It sure looks like the turtle is begging to get out. Filed Under: Salvage Tagged With: 117 siding, attic fan, old beadboard, old bricks, old oak floors, old windows, shiplap boardsIf you liked this post, consider signing up to receive new posts via email! Have you outgrown your current garage and need to add additional space for the cars and equipment on your property?
Whatever you decide just make sure you know where it’s going and know the measurements before you buy the garage.

But if you want to store items in your garage or have some additional space to work, it may be ideal to have a double or triple garage instead. For example if you have a high vehicle or something that is quite tall, you may find a roller door is more suitable as it takes up less ceiling space. The last thing you want is a bright silver garage that takes the focus off your designer home. You can choose between Depot Delivery, which is free of charge, or you can opt for Home Delivery which has a fee (cost depends on location).
But if you have the means to transport your garage home from the depot it is certainly a great option and saves you a lot of money! It has a combined hall, reception and kitchen area with enough room for a small dining table and a comfortable seating area. You can choose from multiple colours when ordering your garage and have a nice coloured garage that complements your home.
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