Client Request: Create a distinguished executive office suite using prime Cherry wood for all the furniture. Solution: Designed a collection of traditionally styled executive furniture pieces to fully outfit a large office suite. The other main benefit to using cherry wood for your home furniture is its reputation for being durable and dependable. When it comes to cherry wood furniture bedroom decor ideas, do consider your room and how much exposure to light it gets.
If you have a medium colour cherry wood bedroom set, it is recommended that wall colours such as cream, ivory white, a very light yellow will blend in nicely.
Other decor ideas for your cherry wood furniture bedroom to consider are things such as natural coloured lamps for your dressers or night tables, green plants and white linens that will add a complement your bedroom setting. Now that you have more information on cherry wood furniture bedroom decor ideas, go ahead and explore what it can be achieved. About UsLifestyle community sharing informative ideas on wooden furniture design, shopping and expert advice. Top quality Wood wardrobe armoire in cherry color by Sauder has some features such as Drawer has metal runners and safety stops, Ships ready to assemble, and also Garment rod included. With a rich Select Cherry finish, and half and full round architectural columns, Palladia brings you classic traditional warmth.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged in Tags: cherry coloured wardrobe, engineered wood wardrobe durability, wooden clothes wardrobe, wooden armoires cherry color, hanging wardrobe, wood clothing wardrobe, cherry wood wardrobe closet, wood armoire. The furniture is built right here in house, so if you need custom furniture, let us know, we will be happy to quote it for you!!Shipping To All Of USA. From maple and oak to cedar and elm there is no shortage of quality woods that will make for durable and dependable furniture. Cherry can darken considerably over time and will develop a rich and deep patina over several years to give your home a natural antique feel that other woods can't match.

Cherry is a hardwood and therefore is much stronger than a soft wood such as pine and as long as you use a high quality cherry wood for a dining table or bed you can expect many years of consistent quality. For example, if you place the bed in front of a window, it will get a lot more sunlight thereby increasing the colour balance in the room. We suggest a few flower pots to add a more natural, peaceful retreat so that you can relax and read a good book for example. It all comes down to your taste and how light, medium or dark you’ll like to go with your bedroom set. Made with top quality engineered wood and a durable laminate finish, this is built to give you years of worryfree use.
Brushed Silver hardware brings a contemporary flair, and ensures these stunning pieces will be the perfect complement to any decor.The Palladia Armoire has a large upper section with a builtin garment rod for hanging clothing.
Has a new furniture smell to it from the cherry varnish, but I aired it out and it has gone away. However, many people enjoy the advantages of using cherry wood for their home dining sets, bedroom sets and chests. Even with the aging process, cherry wood still maintains its durability and will stand the test of time. Cherry wood is ideal for dining furniture including chair and buffets as well as bedroom furniture including armoires, chest of drawers and nightstands. Cherry wood furniture usually comes in light, medium and dark colours with the latter being a dark, reddish brown hue. For example, if you have a medium colour bed, this will change into a darker reddish hue as mentioned before. Overall, try to reach a good balance between the colour, considering the cherry wood furniture.
If this is the desired decor, add a few other items to get a balanced setting, think of rocking chair with different colour pillows around.

Lastly, consider your windows covers as these will play a major role in the bedroom decor ideas.
Typically, a medium colour will suit most tastes however, it is all up to you decide and have fun with. Combining elements of both traditional and contemporary design, the Palladia Collection from Sauder Woodworking is a welcome addition to any home. Large lower drawer provides additional storage space, and rolls on quality metal runners with safety stops. As for the drawer, it is a nice sized sturdy drawer that now holds the stuff that was in my closet up on the shelf – a few bulky photo albums and some shoe boxes. The rich look and durability of cherry wood make it a great choice for home furnishings and here we cover some of the benefits to using cherry wood for your home tables and chairs. Cherry wood starts out as a light-toned wood but when exposed to light it will darken immensely.
The largest wooden furniture piece will most likely be your bed although you could consider an entire cherry wood furniture bedroom set such as dresser,  night stands and the actual bed frame.
To perfectly blend, your wall colours are critical here as you do not want to have a room that is too dark or have a very strong contrast between the actual wood furniture and wall colours. You can take a look at some nice bamboo window shades that are darker in colour to complement your cherry wood furniture.
Another decor idea is to have some shades of green in your curtains to add more contrast to your cherry wood furniture. It was one of the least expensive compared to the other, probably better made, armoires I saw online but I am very satisfied with the space, the look and the sturdiness of this.

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