Protect your Christmas ornaments when the holidays are over with the Christmas Ornament Storage.
Integrated handles let you easily carry this storage box to and from the garage, basement, or attic. 36-in D x 12-in W x 6-in H organizer can store lots of supplies but still slip under your bed or in your closet. Keep your ornaments organized throughout the year with the help of this stylish storage system.
Big 36-in D x 18-in W x 24-in H bin stores a wide variety of decorations including inflatables. This Christmas Ornament Keeper offers tons of convenient storage space for all your delicate holiday bulbs and ornaments. The telescoping handle holds the trays at different heights so you can easily access the items stored inside, and the trays can be removed and carried around the Christmas tree.
These tools can be used to store your holiday decor, gift wrap, trees, and all manner of cheer in your basement or attic.
Storing your ornaments is a bit more time consuming than say, storing your socks, but with the right tools, you can be assured they'll stay safe over the warmer months. If you invested in a fake tree (they are pricey!), make sure you store it properly to preserve its shape and look over the long haul. I buy cards throughout the year (you can often find me at Target laughing or tearing up in the card aisle) and then save them until he appropriate birthday or holiday comes around. There are so many Martha Stewart-esque options for storing ribbon, but the main decision you need to make is whether you are looking for a ribbon dispenser or ribbon storage? Just like with fake trees, proper storage solutions for wreaths and garland will help them keep their shape. In How to Organize Your Holiday Card Mailing, I recommend a few ways to store and edit your holiday card list.
In How to Store Everything in the Kitchen, I recommend two options for storing baking sheets and pans. A perfect, 30 gallon red-and-green plastic storage container for all of your holiday odds and ends. Easily store your Christmas ornaments in this Christmas Ornament Storage Box, manufactured by Household Essentials to store up to 27 holiday ornaments.

Constructed from polyester and available in festive red and green colors, perfect for the holidays.
Capable of storing up to 75 round ornaments, the Christmas Ornament Storage includes dividers that provide each ornament with its own individual space.
Then it’s time that you got your hands on one of our 7 Drawer Cardboard Christmas Ornament boxes. Made of durable canvas and designed to hold 27 ornaments, the unit even has a window to help you easily identify its contents. The bottom wheels and telescoping handle make mobility around the home quick and easy, and it saves you from having to lift and carry your holiday decorations. The bag zips closed around the trays to keep items safely secure while in storage and to keep them dust-free. The best place to store the tree is in the basement, attic or even using overhead storage in your garage. For holiday baking, you will be storing more specialized items like cookie cutters, piping bags, and holiday-themed tins.For storing these items, I go back to my tried-and-true method of creating project bins. This ornament storage unit features adjustable dividers that allow you to store different sized ornaments. The interlocking lid and integrated handles make ornaments easy to store and carry in this Christmas Ornament Storage container, and the design allows for easy stacking in a garage, attic, or basement.
It can fit as many as 132 ornaments, making it perfect for large and growing families who just can’t contain their Christmas spirit. It can be something that saves their beautiful memory about Christmas such as their first baby Christmas, first marriage Christmas ornament or the gift from a special person.
Four generously padded trays each offer 20 large pockets for ornament storage for a grand total of 80 storage compartments.
The mobile design of this ornament storage cart makes it easy for you to store and transport your holiday decorations to and from the Christmas tree each holiday season. Corrugated Ornament Storage Trays are stack-able so you can customize them the number of ornaments you need to store.
This way you can easily retrieve your holiday-themed bake-ware without it crowding out your everyday cooking supplies.And for small items like cookie cutters and decorations, I like these handled storage baskets. In addition, the plastic window in the front of the storage unit makes it easy to see which ornaments are stored in the box.

With 4 top drawers fit for 25 small ornaments each, two middle ones perfect for 16 each, and a deep bottom draw perfect for larger ornaments, you can store every kind you own. Modular tray sections can be removed and configured to hold a wide variety of ornament sizes. The ultra-soft material lining the pockets protect delicate bulbs from harm, and lightweight metal rods can be adjusted to customize the pockets to fit ornaments of varied sizes.
Archival Ornament Storage means you can safely store ornaments (of the same shape) for several years in these boxes, and the corners are fitted with metal to make them extra-sturdy.
Ornament usually will be stored in the right place as if their keep their beautiful Christmas memories. 5-in W x 6-in Hh base with removable center divider and elastic straps to secure boxes paper bows and other supplies. There are some items that can be used as Christmas tree ornament storage in order to keep your important Christmas ornament in place.Clear boxes can be a great option of Christmas ornament since this allows you to see what is inside without having to open or dig the boxes. Usually these boxes are on sale right after Christmas, so you can be ready to get the sale before you late. Since storage used for storing items, it won’t be good if the storage itself make your space clutter.
Just because Christmas tree ornament storage is very useful to keep your ornament neat, it doesn’t mean you can just put many boxes in your space. As the alternative, you can go with stackable boxes so that you won’t find the boxes clutter your space, but you can stack hem neatly instead.However, don’t stack the boxes too high unless you will get the risk of having them tip over. If you think that only storing your ornaments in boxes are not quite protective, you can use plastic or cardboard inserts to store your ornament before putting them inside your boxes.
You can choose what kind of Christmas tree ornament storage you want to use and start to hunt for the storage from several stores.

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