To care for and protect your ornaments for years to come, please be mindful of the following suggestions.
Copyright Robin Cardboard A4 Paper Storage Boxes Christmas Birthday Gift BoxReduced due to some minor marks, Will not be restocking. These snap together Ornament Storage Boxes are made of heavy-duty chipboard with polished brass handles and polished brass corner protectors. To save on shipping cost and storage room, the ornament box and its two layers come collapsed. Newlyweds, family members, birthdays, Mothers Day or Christmas weddings are all occasions that these unique gifts would be treasured. Wrap your ornaments individually in acid free tissue paper and pack your ornaments securely, making sure not to place too many layers in a single box. Here are 7 Christmas ornament storage boxes ideas that may provide the type of storage you are looking for.

The ornament storage box and its trays are beautifully decorated with a holiday poinsettia pattern, adorned with white ice crystals.
Thinly sliced dried citrus fruits with accents of holly leaves and berries highlight this poinsettia holiday pattern.
Just unfold each layer in the collapsed shipping position, match up the snaps on the sides (one socket with one stud) and snap the sides together. Plastic bubble wrap and or plastic storage containers do not allow ornaments to have proper ventilation particularly if the ornaments are stored in a warm place like an attic or in a humid place like a basement. The overall size of these Ornament Storage Boxes are 14 inches wide by 12 inches deep and 8 inches high.
If you do not have a lot of storage area over the holidays, the box can be unassembled and collapsed back to its original shipping size. Also, be sure to take care to store your holiday ornaments in a safe, dry place away from water, sun, fluorescent lights or other outside elements.

There are two heavy-duty brass metal handles that make carrying and retrieving the ornament storage box a breeze.
The distinctive red poinsettia coverings allows for easy identification of your most valuable collectible ornaments. Moving your Christmas ornaments safely is a snap with this durable Ornament Storage Boxes with polished brass handles. Each decorated tray has two red woven string handles to assist in lifting the trays out of the ornament box.

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