Climate Controlled Storage units are specially made to replicate the climate conditions of a regular household.
The insulation and entry design of the Climate Controlled Units give more protection for one’s belongings and stored items. The high ceilings of each unit offerred by Liberty Storage are a great advantage for the tenant. To get your things moved safely and economically, choose from our selection of Uhaul moving supplies. Climate-controlled storage units allow you to control the humidity and temperature levels in the storage unit.
There are many different things that should be stored in a controlled environment, including those that can be damaged by heat, cold or wet.
Fine cloth (silk, hand-woven fabrics) – Damp spaces create a situation perfect for mildew. Paintings – If you have an expensive painting, make sure the paints used are heat and humidity resistant. Living things – Nothing living should be kept in storage, but if you need to store a plant for a week or so, make sure you have climate control. When storing your belongings, sometimes a regular storage unit will suit your needs just fine.

Our climate-controlled units aren’t just temperature-controlled; they provide better control of humidity, too. If you live in a damp climate or near water, or in a place where the air gets extremely dry, humidity (or lack thereof) is a serious concern. No matter where you live, there’s a good chance that the temperature and humidity do not remain consistent 365 days a year. Whether you’re leaning toward a climate-controlled unit or think regular storage will meet your needs, contact EZ Storage. Storing your stackable boxes or even furniture to ceilings height level could give you 25-50% more cubic feet of overall storage. While heated units keep things warm when it’s cold outside, and air-conditioned units do the reverse, climate-controlled units do both, keeping your belongings at a safe temperature no matter how high or low the outdoor thermometer goes. They are also typically accessed from inside an enclosed building, significantly decreasing the chances of dust mites and bugs, which can more easily find their way into exterior storage units. Read on to find out the top three scenarios in which you should consider a climate-controlled unit. While most people understand the effects of too much humidity—wood furniture and musical instruments can warp, cars and metal appliances can rust, and documents, pictures and fabrics can mold or yellow—remember that too little humidity can damage leather, wood, electronics and other materials as well. If your belongings will be stored through multiple seasons, then both humidity and temperature are all but guaranteed to fluctuate.

Either way, if you’re going to go through the trouble to pay for their safekeeping, you’ll want to go the extra mile to ensure they stay as protected from temperature and humidity extremes as possible.
We’ll answer all your questions and match you up with the storage unit that’s right for you and your unique storables.
Contact information will be updated whenever the listed companies updates their contact information. In order to make an informed choice about the future of your belongings, you should first understand exactly what sets climate-controlled units apart from other types of storage units. Both extremely hot and below-freezing temperatures can damage items, as can swinging between the highs and lows.
Look here to find a list of items for which we typically recommend climate-controlled storage, but only you know the personal value of your items.

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