5'x10' can store one or two apartment bedrooms, and is also good for business inventory or office equipment.
At Baraboo Storage we are dedicated and take pride in creating the perfect self storage solution to fit your needs while saving you money. Baraboo Storage offers you new, clean units in 6 Standard sizes along with 6 sizes of Climate Controlled storage at our large self storage site that is still growing. Availability of units, reservations, auto payments and payment history can all be taken care of securely and easily online through our SiteLink account.

We are one of the only self storage facilities in the region to guarantee your price won't be increased for at least a year.Our premium first floor climate controlled units are often less expensive than our competitors standard units. The temperature and humidity are set for the optimum protection of your belongings all day and all night long. Login to easily: set up your account for auto payment, make a payment, view your payment history, or email the site manager. Florida Power and Light suggests keeping the humidity below 58%, allowing for the temperature to go as high as 88 degrees.

Bonita Storage Inn uses an electronic humidity meter to regularly check the humidity levels of all our buildings.

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