Home > Plasma cutting equipment > Swift Cut CNC plasma cutting tables cuts up to 25mm mild steel. Being that this is a bigger table then we normally sell here at BurnTables, I think its worthy of a build thread. I strive to have my plane i'm building look as good as my avatar, which is Dan Dubois's fine example. The company that is buying the table is a structural steel company, so they will be cutting items for beams and columns.
Its been in production for a while now, the rail system is ball bearing with a rack and pinion.

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The Torchmate 4 x 4 foot CNC plasma table is designed to bring CNC cutting capabilities to garage enthusiasts, schools, or small fabrication shops. With a small footprint, the system brings CNC technology down to a size that will fit in most any environment.
The system is compatible with most plasma cutters and the driver software will accept any .dxf file or G-code.

With a cutting rate of up to 150 inches per minute and a resolution of approximately .0006 inch the Torchmate system delivers speed and accuracy previously available to only the largest fabrication shops.
This Deluxe Kit includes Torchmate CAD design software capable of laying out shapes for cutting and exporting the files to the driver software, a water table to trap dust and sparks created during the cutting process, and auto torch height control for the most accuracy and easiest adjustment and consumable changeout.

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