This traditional style 8 x 6ft Apex Shed has a large single door, 12mm cladding and solid sheet floor and roof sheets as well as fixed windows and 28mm framing. SHED SEVEN Shed Seven (Mid 1990s UK large sized burgundy coloured cotton short sleeved t-shirt simply printed with the band name across the front in white. Extra large all-metal shed suitable for large items of garden machinery, bikes and play equipment. This well-proportioned 12 x 10 ft wooden workshop is ideal for all your DIY projects, as well as storing tools and garden equipment.
This spacious 11 x 8ft keter plastic garden shed is ideal for storing and protecting all of your garden equipment from the elements.

The Keter Woodland Mini Store has an automatic opening mechanism giving easy access to it's contents, and can be locked to keep its contents secure. This Keter 6 x 4ft Apex Shed is a stable and excellent option for storing your garden items. Large taupe resin shed with a huge storage capacity of 528 cubic feet and wide-opening, lockable double doors for easy access (lock not included).
Taupe resin storage building with wide-opening, lockable double doors for easy access (lock not included).
Polypropylene garden Apex Shed for garden furniture lawn mowers BBQ equipment and other outdoor items.

Either way, you should find the best deal on your new Sheds & Garden Furniture items on this page.

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