We will still produce shelters if buyers want them, but we haven’t put a lot of focus on that.
There are many interesting projects with the Concrete Canvas material, including one in Chile where they are installing a gold mine at very high altitude: 5,000 meters (16,400 feet). NGOs would often want us to secure the funding, so we would have to get a donor involved, usually a government, so it was going to take an awful lot to get into the aid sector. A channel is lined with Concrete Canvas, to direct glacier melt runoff away from a mine site in Chile. Eight or nine years ago, Will [Crawford] and I met doing postgraduate degrees in industrial engineering at Imperial College London and Royal College of Arts. To make that work we had to develop a Concrete Canvas material, which we could make dry in a thin layer, wet in an uncontrolled way, then have it set without cracks into a reliably strong form. Our original business plan was focused on the humanitarian sector, so we went to Uganda and got very positive feedback. About five years ago we made our first sale, to the British military, to protect sandbags in Afghanistan. Another interesting project was [when we covered] a pipeline in the Middle East; they dropped our material off a boat and divers installed it under water.
The mixture we use also has a very low alkali capacity, so if you use it in a watercourse you do less damage to aquatic organisms. Do you think your story has resonated so well because it is an example of “thinking outside the box” in our built environment? It can be hard to convince engineers to use it the first time, but once they try it we normally get a lot of repeat orders. Innovative product, I think what they need licensed manufacturers of the product to worldwide vendors. I have inquired several times for pricing and availability in the USA, I have yet to receive a single response I’m sure its because they are overwhelmed all the more reason to license the thing. This is such a great idea, but you’re going to have to change your corporate structure, scale of manufacturing, and marketing. CC performs very excellent for slope protection and stabilization and it is an alternative to guniting or shotcreting.
I agree with the others, the item is overly expensive, with 30,000 USD, I can build two rooms fully furnished including labour, it will take me around one month to build it, possibly in less time with more labour.
Here in Thailand $30,000 USD builds 2 beds, living room, kitchen, bathroom, porch, fixtures, utilities, decorative treatments, lock stock and barrel.
I saw the pictures and watched the videos and love the ideas and I believe it would sell here in Africa because people are tired of wasting money for block buildings as offices and house but what about the sun?
Positively a product worth thinking of and providing under a host of conditions, emergency or otherwise, including mining, water distribution, etc. National Geographic VoicesResearchers, conservationists, and others around the world share stories and commentary on the National Geographic Society's conversation platform Voices. Society Field Inspection 2016: Gulf of CaliforniaDescribed by Jacques Cousteau as the "aquarium of the world," the Gulf of California in Mexico is threatened by coastal development, climate change, and other human activities. Support National GeographicWe've supported more than 11,000 grants to scientists and others in the field.Learn more about our work. Two years after being discovered deep in a South African cave, the 1,500 fossils excavated during the Rising Star Expedition have been identified as belonging to a previously unknown early human relative that National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Lee Berger and team have named Homo naledi. With at least 15 individuals of all ages and both sexes represented, the find adds an unprecedented amount of information to our understanding of early human evolution in Africa. In addition, the absence of any other animal remains or large debris in the fossil chamber strongly suggests that these non-human beings intentionally deposited their dead within this cave. Create a polished concrete table with a solid wood base, with inlays of glass, leaves, tile or other materials. If you want a tabletop thata€™s elegant enough for any indoor setting and tough enough to withstand outdoor weather, youa€™ve found it. Give yourself half a day to build the form and pour the concrete and an hour to build the table base.
Melamine-coated chipboard is the perfect form material for this project because ita€™s smooth, water-resistant and inexpensive.
If you want to cast leaf or fern a€?fossilsa€? in the top, first press them for a day or two in a book or between scraps of cardboard. If your top has imprints with fine detail, cover it with plastic and let it harden for an extra day.

The other common method of building outdoor kitchens is to create a frame from steel studs (usually 2x4s), cover the structure with concrete backerboard, and top with the countertop.
The options are limitless- you can buy side burners, refrigerators, trash compactors, warming drawers, almost anything you can imagine, suitable for outdoor use. On one side of the valley there is a glacier, and they wanted to prevent the melt runoff from going into the mine tailings [and picking up toxic material], so they built intercepts out of our material to carry water below. There was a design competition run by the British Cement Association, and we really liked the idea of making efficient shelters very quickly.
We won a lot of business-plan and design awards that helped fund the start-up, got some government funding and private-equity investors, and borrowed a derelict factory. The letters on this site are a year old and I was hoping there was more news by now regarding development, distribution and pricing? The only good in this shelter is setting a semi-permanent building in very remote areas with limited labour and materials, such as hight altitude mountains, sandy deserts, the South Pole, etc. I realize that you have had investors and have worked for years inventing and perfecting this, but at these prices you have outpriced yourself for humanitarian purposes and that is too bad.
If I search, (or perhaps create for myself), I’m certain one can still turn a great profit at $5,000 USD. Posters and commenters are required to observe National Geographic's community rules and other terms of service.
To learn firsthand what's going on in and around this marine treasure of global importance, the National Geographic Society sent its top scientists and officials to the region in January 2016. This project is simple enough for even a beginner to tackle and give you some insight into working with concrete. Tables similar to this one sell for hundreds at garden centres and outdoor furniture stores. A few days after casting the top, youa€™ll spend a couple of hours removing the form, chipping the edges and applying a sealer.
This method is fast, but it requires a powerful drill and wona€™t work well with thicker mixes. To prevent them, and to bring out more colour, we recommend that you seal it with a countertop sealer.
They were just starting to become popular again (remember the ones from the late 70s?), and I thought they were the coolest thing ever. The most common (and my preferred method) is to pour a footer at frost depth and build up with concrete block. The sides are also stuccoed, tiled, or veneered with stone, although it’s more common to see man-made stone veneers used.
It’s dense, weather-resistant, heat-resistant, and gives a lot of service without demanding a lot of care.
While I do it, I’m not a fan of holding a flashlight in my teeth while attempting to view my instant-read meat thermometer. In our range demonstration, we showed that a sandbag wall covered in Concrete Canvas stopped 1,100 machine gun bullets. Instead of pouring or spraying concrete that has to be 50 to 150 millimeters thick (2 to 6 inches), our material is 8 millimeters thick (0.3 inches) for most applications. But the advantage of our material is that you are using about 10 percent of the mass of alternatives, so you are emitting less carbon dioxide and saving on transport emissions. The costs of the canvas are a joke, and their inability to deal with basic purchase enquiries even in their own country, shows either arrogance or stupidity. They toured the desert islands off the southeastern coast of the Baja Peninsula and they listened to presentations by more than a dozen experts, including several whose Baja California research is funded by the Society.
If you use screws, be sure to drill pilot holes to avoid splitting the chipboard, spacing screws about 150mm apart.
Pouring the entire mix in the middle might concentrate the heavier particles there and weaken the edges. When youa€™re finished, cover the top with plastic and let the concrete harden and cure anywhere from four hours to two days, depending on the brand.
If you have to pry off the form base, use a plastic spatula; metal will scratch the surface.
We used a 2cm-wide cold chisel, but you can use whatever width best produces the effect you want.
The resulting structure is then capped with a countertop and the sides are typically covered with stucco, tile, or stone.

Kitchens built this way don’t require as aggressive a footer, and will often be built on a 4 inch concrete slab.
Viking and Wolf make beautiful grill units, and you’ll pay a premium for the nameplate. A drop-in grill (one that was manufactured to be installed into a countertop) has all the proper mounting hardware required to safely install it into a masonry or framed opening. You can buy low-voltage lights that can be wired into your landscape lighting system and mounted to the countertop.
Once the unit is built, the patio is built around it, and the landscape project is done, it gets a lot more difficult (and expensive) to add that outlet for the rotisserie, fridge, or blender. Plan ahead, and you’ll have an outdoor kitchen that brings your family years of enjoyment.
This is being used in a whole range of applications—primarily in civil works, for things like stabilizing slopes and lining water channels.
We have also supplied the Swedish, Dutch, and [United Arab Emirates] militaries, most of these for tests. NGO customers also want a very large number of shelters if there is a crisis, but that is very difficult for a small company to supply.
Laying slabs of concrete by hand is very slow and labor intensive, and spraying concrete is messy. Hopefully CN will have it for a tenth of the price soon, good luck for your “Patent” over there! The fiberglass is impregnated with a water activated resin with the wolds most environmental friendly cement. Apply silicone sealer to the inside corners to seal the form and create rounded edges on the tabletop. After all, northern Virginia has a great climate for outdoor entertaining, and with a couple of patio heaters you can almost eke out year-round use from your space. Polished concrete countertops are gorgeous, but require a little more maintenance (sealing) due to their porous nature. I’ve actually found that the Turbo Grill, from Barbecues Galore, is a great value for the money.
Famous designers create amazing chairs, tables, lamps, coat racks, benches and racks from it.
I’m least likely to advocate using porous stones like flagstone or sandstone for countertops. Total raw materials at RETAIL prices is no more than $2k, wholesale costs would be evn less, maybe 50% putting raw materials at $1k. If the mix you use requires wire reinforcement, pour and work in about two-thirds of the mix. Impervious to rain and wind, this furniture looks amazing with steel or glass for a lighter and more modern look. Keep in mind that every tiny imperfection on the form will show up on the finished tabletop. The best concrete mix for this project is a concrete countertop mix, which pros use to cast concrete countertops. Consider the components of a great evening cooking with friends- burger, brats, and red wine- and think of what those could do to a light-colored, highly absorptive surface. One of the most impressive piece here is the Stitching Concrete stool by Florian Schmid, which is made by folding and stitching the canvas into shape before drenching it in water and letting it harden.
This mix has special additives called a€?super-plasticizers,a€? which allow you to add less water. We’ve gathered more cool outdoor concrete pieces to make your patio or terrace as stylish as possible, get inspired! Apply the sealer one side at a time, smooth it with your finger and remove the tape quickly before the silicone starts to cure.
You can buy colour additives when you buy the mix, or buy concrete pigments from your local Builders Warehouse.

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