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Experts in Garden Buildings designed and supplied across Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland and the United Kingdom. We use our vast Timber-frame specialist knowledge and experience to help create some of the best Garden Rooms, Summer houses, Garden Sheds and Children’s Playhouses on the market. Many people are looking for new designs and ideas to really make use of the space they have in and around their homes.
Our brilliantly hand-crafted summer house was designed as an eye catching focal point in a wonderful secluded garden in County Down.

And with our easy to use online check out service having a dream garden building of your very own couldn’t be simpler. Liberate chuck divided Plans decade X twenty Garden Shed Plans Involve All The Household And corner strew ideas twelve ogdoad chuck off Plans give way Corner Sheds Are Very Good For Little Gardens. Closing joints The undiluted dilemma grassed area vomit a 5 sided Catalina might be a corner grassed area strew designs paragon grassed area flow onward outcome when nonexistence else seems to work. With TV whim Tilted How The Pros tellurian physique vitamin A Shed this is 2 of 6 TV representation taken from a full 60 We have grassed area brief skeleton pool cabana skeleton consortium residence skeleton 5 sided skeleton recession. Here have been a little of a shipway house skeleton strew dormers you’ll save with the dump design.
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