And then there’s the (mildly) dirty part; in many cases, governments only pretend to care about the expense of their fighters. Export customers have stronger incentives to seek low costs, and opportunities for export can potentially drive costs down. Moreover, the advent of 3D printing may well mean that customers will have the opportunity to carry out much needed maintenance and repairs without relying on the sellers as much as they have in the past.  The days in which the Soviet Union could use MiG-23 airframes as a loss leader for jet engines, or in which the United States could use long-term maintenance agreements as a club to encourage additional purchases, are coming to an end. Thus, there’s some evidence that we are seeing the emergence of a mature market for fighters in a multipolar world, which gives consumers more choices than they had during the Cold War, when procurement decisions often implied alliance commitments. SAN DIEGO - A computer glitch has likely cost a local high school student his full ride to Stanford.10News reporter Dan Haggerty shows the bigger issue that may affect students throughout the San Diego Unified School District. It seems like EVERYONE is talking about daily habits these days, or, at least everyone I’m listening to (podcasts) or following on the internet.
Make your own handmade, hand-drawn, mismatched DIY Planner full of doodles, goals, life plans and everything YOU. I include the blank month in case you love these so much you use up all the pre-dated pages.
For those of you that like to plan your days down to the minute, this is a cool way to see the overview of your week. One productivity tip you ALWAYS hear is to make a to-do list at the start of the week or in the mornings with 2-3 must-do items. The adjustments in the Print Dialogue Box will depend on your printer and if you want to print the pages individually or all at once. On the print screen select your Printer first and make sure the print preview is showing your template the right direction and fitting within your paper. For this example we’ll have February printed on the back of January so that all months are double sided. Take printed month out of the printer, flip it over and put it back in to print the next month on the other side. It’s important to have only one sheet of paper in the printer at a time or else it will keep printing all the pages on a single side. Please let me know if something doesn’t work for you or if any part of this is confusing so I can make it better! And then I took a long nap and woke up feeling relaxed so I redesigned my website, of course.
Over the years I’ve had a few requests for a week spread out over two-pages, you guys sure are busy bees.
I collaged mine with paper, black ink, white paint and a few stitches on the sewing machine.

I definitely want to cut off the extra flap with the vertical pocket on the right (pictured above). The spine width should be just a little bigger than your stack of papers, not including the discs.
I was pretty proud of myself because I figured out the right shape to cut so that it still lays flat and the cover doesn’t get in the way. My Printable Planner Template through 2015 are available too, get ’em while they’re hot!!
Some of the reasons include the ever-increasing gulf between civilian and military technology, a gulf that demands extra specialization on the part of engineers, equipment, and workforce. Money spent on cost overruns for F-35s doesn’t just disappear; it makes defense contractors wealthy and generates jobs across the country. While Brazil’s Gripen decision has been interpreted as a symbolic defeat for the United States, there are few decisions more practical than attempting to manage the expense of a massive modern fighter-purchase by picking the lowest cost option. Ironically, we may be approaching a world in which first-tier aerospace powers find themselves stuck with a dwindling number of hyper-expensive warplanes, while second-tier importers can take advantage of a smorgasbord of fighter options. Now that I’m up all hours with a baby again I think I need to make a 24-hour version!
If you start with January do you want it to be on the right side of your planner or on the left so that February is directly across from it in a two month spread?
This way it prints once and then the printer alerts you that you’re out of paper while you flip it over and put it back inside.
The templates are fairly minimal when printed – plenty of space for notes, doodles, tape, stickers or whatever. You should receive the download link within minutes of purchasing, if you don’t please check your spam folder. There will be one for each month but I’m leaving the days blank so they can be used anytime.
It’s too bulky, especially because it sits open on my desk or nightstand 99% of the time.
I’m pretty close and think I want to make something similar to this old diy cardboard binder I made a couple years back.
Also, fighters (as opposed to interceptors, bombers, or attack aircraft) are literally designed to fight one another, making escalatory cycles particularly likely. Representatives from districts that produce expensive fighters have literally no incentive to hold costs in line. An under-mentioned point in defense procurement debates is that the purchase of advanced fighter aircraft is often less about national defense than national identity.

Similarly, the decisions of Iraq and the Philippines to go low by acquiring the inexpensive South Korean T-50 imply that even (or perhaps especially) those customers with serious security concerns are willing to pursue affordable options. When you select your printer from Non-Printable Area: it should fill in the top, left, right and bottom margins for you. Yours might be more or less, you really just have to do a test page and adjust it accordingly.
Depending on your preference January should be printed on a sheet by itself or with February on the back. The months have the name on top but the rest of the template is blank so that you can write in your own dates and use them year after year. The month is sideways which I enjoy with the discbound because the discs don’t get in the way while writing.
I haven’t been feeling well at all this pregnancy and the last 6 months are sort of a blur. So far I have the monthly template done and want to include to-do, project, goal and daily templates. I’ve tried professional planners before and I swoon at photos of Filofaxes just like everyone, especially the hot pink and gold ones.
Moreover, since modern fighters are generally expected to fulfill multiple roles (air superiority, plus attack, strategic bombing, and interception) packing mission capabilities into a single airframe naturally metastasizes costs. The same goes for more authoritarian systems in which different power brokers use military spending to favor specific communities and interest groups.
Both civilian and military leaders tend to resent the idea that neighbors and rivals will own and operate more capable, advanced, and expensive aircraft. It will be especially interesting to see how the Textron Scorpion fares on the international market. The size is awesome whatever you call it because you just cut a piece of letter-sized paper in half and voila! My cardboard wouldn’t fit in the hole punch so I did it on a thin paper first, traced it to the cardboard then cut it out by hand. In the end I always go back to handmade though – I love the crafty feel of a handmade, hand sewn, hand glued cover. Moreover, states don’t simply buy advanced fighters “off the shelf,” as advanced aircraft have historically required long term deals for training, maintenance, and spare parts.

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