He already had a good idea of the type of home additions that he wanted to put onto his home as well as the budget he had available.
Adding on top of an existing structure always poses a greater challenge, because you have to protect the existing home from the elements during construction. As you can see in the picture above, we wrapped the exterior with Tyvek house wrap which we purchased from our certified green material supplier Sanford & Hawley.
Now this ranch home is spacious enough for the new addition to the family with plenty of bathrooms and space to accommodate a new office & a much needed master bedroom. Luckily for our customer building home additions is all we do, so our experience saves him from any unwanted situations.

Also the roof was tarpped to prevent any unwanted moisture from getting into the soon to be converted attic. The construction process was great and we absolutely loved the framing crew, we felt great knowing that they were there every day, we are happy with the completed project".
In the front we added a small dormer pointing towards the cul-de-sac , and in the rear we did a full shed dormer to easily give the second floor which used to be an attic, usable square footage for the much needed living space. The couple hoped to be back upstairs by Thanksgiving, but Christmas came and went before the drywall was completed. The tile installation took two and a half months because the crew was overbooked and was jockeying between jobs.

In the end, Kathy did the painting herself.“We moved back into the bedroom near the end of March,” says Kathy.
If I like it and decide to continue, I'll get 7 more issues (8 in all) for just $24.95, a savings of 48%. If for any reason I decide not to continue, I'll write cancel on the invoice and owe nothing.

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