The following project report is for establishment of 1000 vancobb Broiler chicks in well managed farm.
Note: Cost and Profits depend upon the management of  the farm, feed quality, feeding methods,disease control, vaccinations and finally growth factors. Everyday feeding of replacement males and females in the broiler breeder production cycle is back after 30 years of skip-a-day feeding, thanks to the Cablevey Feeding System. A switch then signals the weigh-fill system to deliver a preset amount of feed to each hopper for the next feeding. The Cablevey female pan system conveys feed from receiving hoppers to pans equipped with a 16-hole grill that prevents the males from eating out of the female pan. A switch then activates the weigh-fill systems for both the male and female systems to deliver the next day’s feed allotment to each of the feeding system hoppers. Broilers fed 4 to 8 times per day generally produced a heavier bird on less feed, providing management was available to monitor the system.
Following the brooding period, start every-hour feeding by presetting the time clock to operate the Cablevey feeding system 5-10 minutes out of each hour. The Cablevey charged feed line lets producers feed smaller quantities of fresh feed throughout the day with even ingredient distribution of feed in all pans. Abstract: This study was on the economic use of the local feedstuffs to formulate least cost rations for broilers using Linear Programming (LP) technique to investigate, analyze and indicate how best the available local ingredients can be combined effectively and efficiently to formulate least-cost ration for broilers. INTRODUCTIONIt is imperative for broiler producers to source for cheap alternative feedstuffs without affecting the quality of the feed, productive performance of the birds and the economics of production. Eurotiox ®, the most cost-effective antioxidant TOXIC METABOLITES OF FAT OXIDATION FROM: Poul. Eurotiox ®, the most cost-effective antioxidant Effect of peroxides on broiler performances (49 days) University of Arkansas Cabel, M. Eurotiox ®, the most cost-effective antioxidant Effect of raw material quality on broiler performances (56 days) INTA (Argentina) Schang et al.
Eurotiox ®, the most cost-effective antioxidant Oxidation Process involving Oxygen & lipids Lipids temp.

Eurotiox ®, the most cost-effective antioxidant Structures of commonly used synthetic antioxidants Ethoxyquin Mol.
Eurotiox ®, the most cost-effective antioxidant Triple Mode of Action EUROTIOX 1.Citric acid forms reversible bonds with metal pro-oxidants in the premix and feed to inhibit them from initiating oxidation 2. Eurotiox ®, the most cost-effective antioxidant Efficacy of synthetic antioxidants Days Stability test in mixed fat - Dr. Eurotiox ®, the most cost-effective antioxidant Antioxidant Activity of BHA, Propyl Gallate and Heterodimers T. Eurotiox ®, the most cost-effective antioxidant EUROTIOX unique antioxidant complex ETHOXYQUIN - high purity (% mono) - high stability PROPYL GALLATE -highly effective - EtQ regenarator CITRIC ACID -metal scavenger Only proven synergism Very effective economical complex UNIQUE CARRIER - high absorption - free-flowing - impr. Eurotiox ®, the most cost-effective antioxidant Vitamin A Stability in Premix Eurotiox 32 premix Independant laboratory - HPLC analysis. Eurotiox ®, the most cost-effective antioxidant Vitamin A Stability comparative test Broiler feed - March 1997 EUROTIOX 32-Premix Project with large industrial company(Broiler integration) in Philippines.
In this section, you will be able to create albums and upload your photos to share your work and technical information with all the members of this community. Then upon start-up the Cablevey charged line feeding system delivers feed to all pans simultaneously. The system shuts off automatically when the feed level reaches a switch in the bottom of the hopper, leaving the lines charged for the next day’s feeding. The male feed line is usually located between the two female feed lines on the slatted portion of the house. The Cablevey male pan feeder transports feed from the hopper to pans equipped with a 12-hole grill.
Studies reveal that birds on this program tend to overeat, resulting in passage of undigested feed and the depositing of excess body fat. Specifically, a linear programming technique was employed to determine the most efficient way of combining these locally available ingredients. One of the major problems facing broiler producers is high prices and non-availability of feed ingredients.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Ethoxyquin blocks oxidation by donating hydrogen ions to free and peroxy radicals formed during the onset and propagation stages 3.
Vitamin detection analysis performed by an independent laboratory (SERLABO) in the Netherlands.
The systems operate continuously, keeping the pans filled, until the daily requirement has been delivered leaving the lines charged. Mathematical models were constructed by taking into consideration nutrient requirements of the broilers, nutrient composition of the available ingredient and any other restriction factor of the available ingredients for the formulation. Availability of quality feed at a reasonable cost is a key to successful poultry operation (Hooge and Rowland, 1978). Informally, linear programming determines the way to achieve the best outcome (such as maximum profit or lowest cost) in a given mathematical model and given some list of requirements represented as linear equations.
Patrick and Schaible (1980) stated that linear programming is technically a mathematical procedure for obtaining a value-weighting solution to a set of simultaneous equations.
Linear programming was first put into significant use during World War II when it was used to determine the most effective way of deploying troops, ammunitions, machineries which were all scarce resources (ChvA?atal, 1983). This cost is almost the same as the prevailing cost which means that the basic used ration the least cost ration according to the feedstuffs availability. Costs of feedstuffs used in the diet formulation were obtained from the prevailing market prices of feedstuffs in Jordan through survey.
NRC (1994) recommended nutritional and restriction levels of the Metabolizable Energy (ME), protein, limiting amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, fiber and fat will be adopted in this study.

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