Astron technology includes all parts of main and additional load-bearing structure of the building, building blocks, and also four types of roof covering and three types of wall covering, including mounting hardware, sealing elements, ASTROTHERM thermal insulation, finishing details and specially developed accessories. Pre-fabricated building from steel structures can be designed considering their future application and any additional requirements. AT – Pre-fabricated buildings for tennis courts, I-type pillars with parallel lateral shelving, double gabled or multigabled roof. A shaped steel sheet, produced by cold rolling from tinted or ALUZINC coated flat steel sheet. The first layer of the panels is mounted immediately on additional Astron load-bearing framework. Panel-sandwiches consist of two steel panels with wing ribs produced by cold rolling from a continuous steel sheet, between the panels there is a PFA layer (insulation material) injected.

Panel consists of two shaped steel sheets covered with protection layer, between the panels there is a PFA layer (without CFC) injected. ASTROTHERM thermal insulation used both in РА, EUROTEC and SINUTEC walls and in PR, ASTROTEC and DSR roofing. Astron buildings with clear span or modular ones are designed considering possibility of installation of overhead cranes or other hoisting mechanisms. Doors, windows, wheels of door and window frames, rooflights, fume-collecting hatches, gravitation aerators, interior paneling. Mounting is provided from the outer side and water resistance is provided (on the joints of the panels overlapped installed) by means of sealing made of special elastic nonhardening band, resistant to ageing.
External side (made of either PR panels or ASTROTEC panels, depending on your choice) is mounted by means of additional system over the layer of insulation material, placed on the first layer of the panels.

Astron structures can be equipped with guard rails and sheds (extension of the roof or installed separately) which frame the building fully or partially. This material is covered (from the outer side) by thin reinforced fibre-optic film which serves as a vapor barrier insulation.

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