Our popular 40x40 Pole Barn Prices, Costs, Kits, Packages, Plans, Designs & Materials are available in all of NY.
We offer complete 40x40 pole barn building construction for all 30 x 40 pole barn kits & packages if you prefer to have an expert pole barn builder erect your 40x40 pole barn building kit for you. Our 30 x 40 pole barn kits are ideal for heated workshops, cold storage, farm buildings, small business, retail stores, hobby shops, animal housing, warehousing, mini-storage, government, riding arenas, stall barns and more.
Greater Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, Binghamton, Elmira, Ithaca, Jamestown, Olean, Auburn, Niagara Falls, WNY, CNY, Finger Lakes, Southern Tier, Twin Tiers, Western NY, Upstate NY & North PA Areas. Our package also includes the actual AutoCAD files, PDF files, lifetime re-use rights, and free updates. You get free updates on CD.  These plans are updated periodically, usually after a major revision to building codes. The CD comes with two complete sets of plans, plus three foundation options (piers, inverted T-footer with crawlspace, and a full basement). Our plans DO include an electrical layout showing the suggested location for switches, outlets, lights, smoke detectors, etc., and this is probably all you will need to get the initial building permit.
These plans call for a direct-vent wall furnace (similar to the one that heats Skip’s 7,000 square-foot log home) so you will probably not need much in the way of a heating plan, although if you live in a warmer climate you may need a plan for central air conditioning. Your jurisdiction may require an engineer’s approval before they issue a building permit for these plans. You can click on the thumbnails at the top of this page to see a larger version of our first floor plans, as well as a couple of elevations. LHBA member Peter Andersen was diagnosed with a terminal disease half way through building his house.
Want to talk to some smart, friendly people who are also interested in building for themselves? The roof on the 40' wide steel buildings is vertical, which means the snow will slide off of it. The exact outside to outside base dimension is 40x40; however, the size is listed as 40x41to include a 6" front and 6" back end overhang. The leg height on the 40' wide metal buildings can be made with up to 14' leg height, giving you plenty of room to store a tractor trailer or a motor home. So, the way we are able to price out and construct a structure this size is we take 2 40x40 buildings and put them end to end and then add 2 more 40x25 steel buildings end to end making it the 40x130 size. A common question we get asked is "What is the largest size garage door you can install?" We can custom order a 12x12 size garage door, but if you need a larger garage door we can frame out an opening, so you can put in your own larger garage door after we set it up.

40 x 40 steel buildings come with standard 14 ga tubing or you can buy a thicker optional 12 ga tubing which comes with a 20 year rust through warranty. Alan's Factory Outlet metal carport kits and metal garage kits are also available in smaller sizes depending on what you're looking for. We can tell you right off the bat that a Graber Pole Building is going to cost a lot less than a conventionally built building. A good rule of thumb for figuring out the price of a pole building, from a quality builder, is to estimate about $10 a square foot, for a basic project. Graber buildings come with a standard metal roof material, but we do give you a choice of upgrading to asphalt shingles, with plenty of choices in colors for either. Whether you select our standard material, or upgrade, rest assured that the integrity of the framing for each and every building is the same. Graber buildings come standard with many of the popular features without any hidden charges.
Depending on your location in our service area, you would be wise to invest in some structural additions to handle heavier snow loads. After your free initial consultation and interview, a deposit of 25% is due to continue moving forward. For bigger structures, it's 25% when we begin construction, 25% when the trusses are up, another 20% when the siding and insulation begins and the final 5% upon completion. No bracing systems on the trusses that will add much needed support for winds as mild as 10 miles per hour. Graber actually has a one of a kind "Bracing Class" where we teach our crews how to brace correctly and work them in with the trusses.
Short cuts on the workmanship, like sloppy fittings which will prevent the trusses from holding the load of the roof.
The competition may not like that we're telling you this, but it's some good information to know.
Pole barn prices - hansen buildings, Pole barn prices vary greatly based on building features and quality.
It is a very large printed bundle of all of the floor plans, elevations, schematics, etc., that are on the CD.
The sides and ends are also vertical; they come standard with a special roof rafter system to help make it stronger due to the span of the width. Due to the weight of the building you will need to rent a telescopic lift that can go 2' taller than the leg height of the carport or garage.

So, if you're going to put down a cement slab for your 40 x 40 steel building, you will want to make sure the exact size of the concrete pad is 40' wide by 40' long. If you need it to be longer than 40' long we can make it longer in 5' increments by connecting 2 of the steel buildings end to end. Each time you add a building end to end there is a connection fee which currently is $200 and since there are 3 different connection locations it would be $600 in connection cost for the above size metal garage. The sheeting is 29 gauge, which comes in your choice of 13 different colors including a roof, trim and sides color. The deeper the poles are set, the stronger the building's resistance to the horizontal loading caused by the wind.
Most people we talk to have a home that they have been paying on for quite a few years, and have built up some equity. If you need an engineer, send us an e-mail and we’ll try to help you find some engineers that are licensed for your jurisdiction. Of course some jurisdictions can create additional restrictions, so check with your jurisdictional authorities before construction. You could make the 40 x 40 metal building fully enclosed with a garage door or several garage doors, or you could leave it open and just use it as a carport. Because the metal buildings are delivered as a kit and then built on site, this allows for the flexibility of longer sizes. If you have good to very good credit, you can get the bank to lend you money, using the equity of your home as collateral. As long as the lift is on site the day of installation, set up is free and usually takes about 1 day for the 40' wide carports to be installed and about 2 days for the fully enclosed 40x40 metal garages to be assembled. If you decide to put a gravel pad down for your 40 x 40 metal building, then a 42x42 size pad will work great giving you 1' extra gravel on both sides and ends.
Add some more light and ventilation with a 30x30 window which comes with a screen and can be purchased for an additional cost.
With interest rates at historically low levels, now is a great time to consider following this route.

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