We also strive to be as efficient as possible so we can offer a competitive price to our customers. Bran + Luebbe Pump is a leading manufacturer of plunger and diaphragm reciprocating metering pumps used high pressure, high temperature, sealless and sanitary liquid metering applications. Protecting the metered liquid against contamination from pump gasket particles and lubricants, e.g. Canadian owned, trained and managed, we have hired a skilled and hard working staff to cover manufacturing for up to 3 full shifts daily. Welmar de Mexico products have been shipped worldwide, including deliveries to Dubai, Venezuala and Saudi Arabia. Welmar de Mexico is part of The Welmar Group, whoa€™s head office is in Guelph, Ontario Canada.
Book A Free DemonstrationTo book a FREE demonstration, please click on the button below to send us your requirements via email or call us on 01443 431000.
Social MediaKeep up to date with Recliners day-to-day activity, and find out about our latest products and services. If you'd like to receive our monthly news and services, simply enter your email address above and sign-up. Should you contact us outside of working hours one of our agents will contact you the next working day. Encompassed within the design of all our products is the necessity for good positioning and ultimate comfort.
At Recliners our aim is to provide the most effective pressure management seating solutions available. Simple and easy to use, Treat-Eezi pads require no electric pumps, make no noise, and provide 24-hour protection against pressure sores.

Suitable For Social Care – Treat-Eezi pads are simple to place, quick to remove and easy to clean or bleach, providing a valuable improvement to social care tasks without the need for extra training.
Advanced Microfibre Wrap – Every Treat-Eezi pad is covered in an advanced microfibre material, which reduces the build up of shearing and provides a soft, comfortable surface for the user to sit or lie on.
Exclusive Size To Recliners – Our long-lasting and cost-effective Treat-Eezi pads have versions supporting weights up to 25 stone, and are also available in a special size that is exclusive to Recliners. The Treat-Eezi pad can be transferred from bed to chair in seconds and starts working as soon as you sit or lie down on it, with the porous microfibre structure preventing excessive moisture build-up and allowing efficient air flow.
At Recliners, we use the latest high quality gel cushions to have a positive impact on pressure care and dispersion.
With our air cushion system, individuals with existing pressure sores or are in the category of serious risk will benefit from the following. Our years of experience with this product has helped open wounds heal as the cells deform and envelope the individual who is then able to sit securely for hours at a time in the knowledge that pressure is indeed being spread over the entire surface of the cushion and not allowing for further necrosis of the skin. To tackle growing demands for a remedy to combat problems associated with sitting for lengthy periods of time, Recliners integrates pressure reducing seat cushions with across all product ranges.Circulatory pressures can cause discomfort which might lead to the formation of pressure ulcers.
Pressure reducing seat cushions comprise of two distinct layers which carry out different but equally important functions. Company OverviewRecliners design, develop, manufacture and supply bespoke electrical Rise and Recline and Manual Furniture to the trade. As a company we feel that we have a responsibility to provide prompt, attentive and excellent service to all our customers. This location, only 2.5 hours from San Antonio Texas, is easily accessible and just 5 minutes from the US border. Our welding shop is fully certified to AWS standards and has bi-lingual production engineers on site.

Ocean access is nearby in Galvaston Texas, and we will ship anything we build with assistance from Welmar America LLC, who manages all expediting from Mexico. Technology helps us lead the way and the incorporation of the latest pressure care advances offer an unparalleled range of pressure care seating systems. Providing the right seating system can help maintain independence and promote social inclusion. By utilising a special honeycomb structure it has very good shock and vibration performance yet maintaining a light weight.
The upper layer is Vasco, a Visco-Elastic cellular polymer which is both temperature sensitive and energy absorbing , responds to body heat and forms to the body’s shape.
We have over 30 years experience in providing Made-To-Measure furniture, tried and trusted with hundreds of satisfied customers nationwide. Welmar de Mexico is a 16,000 square foot full service metal shop, in a secured industrial compound.
Welmar de Mexico is an ideal candidate for contract manufacturing, large or short run custom metal products, or any project where cost effective manufacturing is a requirement. The new design brings not only a soft cool feeling and pressure dispersion, but many additional benefits too. We offer plasma cutting, shearing, forming, welding, sand blasting and painting services to offer a one stop solution to your manufacturing needs. How did we do?"A A "What are your thoughts on these new ways of; 'All-Green', All-Sustainable', and 'All-Climate' Community Living Styles?

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