9 Perfectly Charming Garden Shed DesignsYou might not have the space or the budget for a fairytale castle, but that shouldnt stop you from building a little magic in your yard. Check out these incredibly whimsical, cottage-like potting and crafting sheds that look like they're straight out of a fairytale, and start dreaming about what you would do with a little shed all your own. I really like the top two, but the gray one in the feature photo: Beautiful flowers + Candles in the windows + Colonial charm = Favorite. It’s that time of the week again… time for the Hooked on Fridays blog party hosted by Julia at Hooked on Houses!! Not only is it the beginning of the weekend, it’s even better — it’s the May long weekend here in Canada (Victoria Day is next Monday) And that means two things — an extra day off and it’s time to garden!!! Perennials have been growing for a while, but traditionally we don’t plant annuals here in Eastern Ontario until the third weekend in May. So in honour of the big gardening weekend, this week I’m hooked on garden sheds (with a few little garden houses thrown in for good measure). And finally, I have to include this lovely white shed that’s been featured in Country Living and on numerous blogs.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged All Posts by Kelly at JAX Decor and Design, garden shed, Hooked on Fridays, Ottawa Magazine on May 15, 2009 by armin. A stone path leads through the woods to this pretty little shed, just right for a backyard retreat. While this potting shed certainly has the workspace and tools to work with plants, it's much more than that! This shabby chic shed doubles as a mini guest house, thanks to a sofa that pulls out into a bed.
Some sheds sit right in the middle of the yard or right next to the house, but there's something special about a get-away shed that's a bit off the beaten path.
Whether you build a shed from scratch or customize a kit or off-the-lot model, you can add your own windows to increase interior light and add to the look of the shed.
This vintage desk serves two purposes: it can be used for potting plants, or cleaned off and used as a writing or work space. Here is a great example of how an ordinary shed can be transformed into something really special. From the tea-party setting out front, to the rustic picket fence, to the beautifully painted shed, this is a true escape for the homeowner! 7 Tips for Creating Your Very Own "She Shed"Escape the daily grind with a backyard hideout all to yourself.
Courtesy of HometalkHometalk bloggers Mirabella and Isadora's shed, pictured above, has a high arch over the doorway, giving it a storybook cottage feel.

Courtesy of HometalkOf course, white is always a classic color choice—Hometalk blogger Daisy added a pale blue door to her white craft shed (also a former child's playhouse) to make the space extra welcoming.
Courtesy of HometalkThe point of a she shed is to have a quiet space that allows you to embrace a hobby that's important to you. Courtesy of HometalkWhen this blogger didn't have enough space for crafting in her home, she converted a tool shed into her own DIY paradise, complete with shelves stuffed with supplies. Janis NicolayIf you're not an avid crafter or gardener, your she shed can simply be used as a quaint place to hang out. Courtesy of HometalkDecorating a she shed isn't about spending lots of money—it's about creating a space that feels relaxed and cozy. Inside, they have space to do art projects under the soft pink glow of fairy lights, and sit with their grandparents for some quality playtime. Whether they’re decked out for work or rest and relaxation, backyard spaces are the perfect place to hide away and be yourself. I found a TON of pictures that I wanted to post, but there’s just too many to include them all. It began as a potting shed and was transformed into a greenhouse complete with a tempered-glass roof and chandelier!! A comfortable wicker chair makes the perfect spot to take a break and enjoy a good book and a glass of iced tea. This shed can serve as a daytime getaway for homeowners, or as a sleeping spot for grown-up guests or kids' slumber parties.
Walking down the tree-lined path to this private spot, you'll really feel like you're taking a mini vacation!
This beautiful example features an intricate roofline, gothic windows, a vintage door, and many other personal touches. Whether hosting a friend for tea, or simply enjoying a good book and some quiet time, this shed makes a perfect retreat. This is a perfect solution for people who work from home, since it makes it easier to separate work time from home time. This shelf was made from a pair of brackets and an old shutter, and it houses stacks of cushions for chairs. Based on the design of the chair sitting on the patio, the homeowner added slats of wood to the doors in a contrasting color. Whether entertaining friends or just relaxing in the shed, this is definitely a favorite spot in the yard. More and more ladies are staking claim to backyard sheds as a spot to call their own, whether it be for gardening or just somewhere to curl up with a good book.

Paint it a calming color like light blue, or a feminine shade of purple or light yellow, will instantly give it new life.Can you tell Crickhollow Cottage, pictured above, was formerly a child's playhouse? Hometalk blogger Judy took advantage of her backyard location by using it as a potting shed, where she spends time gardening. Heather Cameron's husband transformed a neglected potting shed on their property into a pretty greenhouse-style retreat, pictured above. Karp devised this dream "shed" by taking full advantage of the wall space in a suburban garage—with shelves, cabinets, and peg rails.
Although I remember a few years ago madly trying to cover up all my flowers with tarp because Mother Nature decided to go all nasty on us. Step in through the brightly colored door for even more comfortable accomodations, right in the middle of the forest.
Note the height of the potting table makes it perfect for standing or sitting on a barstool. The bistro table and chairs, floral fabric, chandelier, and rustic hutch filled with favorite dishes make this shed unmistakably girly.
Use stencils to create your design, then scuff the finished product with a little sand paper to give it an aged look. Windows and windowboxes were also added to the standard shed, and a pair of chaise lounges completes the backyard retreat. If you have a neglected potting shed in your backyard, you're in luck—we've rounded up all the DIY decorating inspiration you need to turn it into an adorable backyard hideaway. Go through all those old garden tools and boxes, then donate what you don't need anymore and organize the rest for storage.Don't have an old shed already sitting around your backyard? Hometalk blogger Christine definitely had the right idea when she decorated her vintage potting shed, pictured above.
Thanks to a pretty shade of green with pink trim, this "shed" is now reserved for the lady of the house. We love the Lazy Susan holding tiny plants and the wall-mounted shelf found at an estate sale.

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