Scrap wood can be used in a wide variety of crafts; let your imagination go and get creative.
Without actually seeing your wood pile its hard for me to suggest a craft any different then the others posted minus hot pads, not sure what they mean by that. Some that I found are rather wood consuming projects or really basic and even generic for me. But, let me just say: wood burning is an amazing embellishment to any and all wood projects.
No, I am more free hand with things like the picture listed, cartoons, things with mostly simple lines, plus I create more abstract stuff as well, blending things you don't often see together.
If they are small , drill holes for peg legs and make doll furniture like stools, chairs, tables.

If larger, make human sized footstools or side tables using the same idea but studier legs. Note: you may want to router or have someone do it for you around the center in square the size of the tile so it will be recessed in the slice. He would use old (other kind)wood and make a box frame and then add the pickets on top of that (like paneling to a wall).
They sold well, he got $50 to $100 each for them and even had a bit of a following for a while (word of mouth). A carpenter wants to get rid of them and what is useless for crafts will be great for fire starters in our fireplace.By Bev CommentWas this helpful?Helpful? And while you might have given all others a shot by now or maybe are looking for something new, here is a nice and simple idea that will swing you towards a good time on the back of an old pallet.

If you have an electric saw in the garage and old pallet waiting to be transformed, then all you need in addition is some sand paper and good, sturdy nylon rope. Use the extra wood that you have to put in drink holders at the end of the board, to class it up a tad bit. Use a few cushions and you are all good to spend some nice and relaxed evenings on your own Pallet Swing.

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