Four years after their paper Kelly bag craft, Hermès brings us another cute DIY paper craft project again!
If you’re less inclined to rig up your own electric lamps, try the old candle lit way. I don’t can veggies anymore, but I still keep Mason jars around because they have so many uses.
I have about 100 antique mason jars all shapes, sizes and colors, how fun to use some of them in ways like this!

March 21, 2013 By Debbie Leave a Comment If you’re looking for crafts to do with your kids or for your kids, then check out the list below. I’m def going to have to write up a post linking to this cause this brought back some great memories.
I love these ideas, I popped over to see what you meant about photo attribution and I’m so glad I did! We use mason jars a lot around our house for storing different beans, grains and nuts in (yeah, were pretty hippy around here) but these images are much prettier than what we use them for.

They’re definitely versatile, and I love the limited edition blue ones that are back in stores right now. To See related step by step hand building tutorial links: How to make Coil Pot, How to Make a Water Font, How to Make Clay Quilt, How to make a Pinchpot (Hedgehog), Making Ceramic Tiles ,etc.

Large log cabin sheds
Woodsmith shop dovetail jig 300mm

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