You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. For generations our craftsmen have created the finest quality, most beautiful doors for both Interior and Exterior applications. Solid Panels Panels are the large, wider boards used to fill the space between the stiles and rails. Pre-Hanging A pre-hung door consists of a door hung on hinges and assembled in a wood frame (the frame is also called the door "jamb"), with a door stop. We not only manufacture the highest quality door slabs, but we also offer optional pre-hanging of the doors. To learn more about our pre-hanging options and choices, select Pre-Hanging from the main menu. To learn more about our pre-finishing options and choices, select Pre-Finishing from the main menu. Sun Mountain doors are warranted to be of sound material and workmanship and to be free of defects which would cause the door to be unfit for ordinary recommended use for the period of twelve (12) months from the date of shipment.
If a defect occurs within one year from the date of shipment, written notice of the defect must be provided to Sun Mountain.
For the purposes of this warranty, warp is defined as any distortion in the door itself and does not refer to the relationship of the door to the frame or jamb in which it is hung.
If the claimed defect is warp, Sun Mountain may defer replacing or refunding the door for a period of up to twelve (12) months from the date of claim or date of installation, in order to permit conditioning and equalizing to humidity and temperature conditions. Our panels are solid wood—much higher quality than pressboard panels with thin veneers, or hollow core panels.
A pre-hung door is ready to install in the door opening, with no on-site assembly required.
Factory pre-hanging ensures that hinge pockets are mortised square and precise, and that hinges are always flush on the door and frame.

Our pre-finishing experience began over 25 years ago, and our finishes are renowned in the door industry. Please note that pre-finish colors illustrated on computer screens may not exactly match the actual pre-finished colors of the doors. In addition, interior doors which have been pre-finished by Sun Mountain are warranted for an additional four (4) years. Buyer shall not return any goods until Sun Mountain has been provided a reasonable opportunity to inspect the goods at Buyer’s premises to determine whether a defect exists.
Panels are manufactured with small width boards, edge glued to create the larger width panel.
Hinges are included in the price of pre-hanging, and are available in a selection of color choices.
We offer the highest quality factory-applied stains, glazes, and topcoats—available in 24 color options.
We assume no liability for such color discrepancies, and encourage buyers to request color samples from Sun Mountain to ensure satisfaction. This extended warranty applies only to the construction of the door, and not the factory pre-finish itself. Sun Mountain will not be liable for any doors repaired, returned, or replaced without prior written consent. European made and part of our furniture masterpiece collection.Custom sizes, shapes and materials are available. Our LVL core is manufactured with a vertical layup, with laminated layers positioned at a 90° angle to the veneer surface for maximum stability. Individual boards are random widths, glued in alternating grain patterns to balance the panel and reduce the natural tendency of the wood to warp or cup. Panels fit into grooves in the stile and rail components, and "float" on rubber spacers to allow for minor expansion and shrinking of the wood with the natural moisture and environmental changes of the home.

If the pre-hung door is also pre-finished, this further reduces steps and cost in the construction process. Our pre-finishes are "fine furniture" quality, providing much higher quality and lower cost than on-site painting.
Freight and crate charges are calculated based upon volume (door count), and are assessed at the time of check out.
If warranted doors contain defects covered under this limited warranty, Sun Mountain shall be limited to, at Sun Mountain’s option, 1) repairing or replacing the doors or 2) refunding the purchase price of the doors to Buyer. The measurement of warp shall be made at the point of maximum distance between the bottom of the straightedge and the face of the door. And our pre-finished products are ready to install, further adding value by reducing time and cost in the construction process.
In addition, on all Exterior doors, solid wood lock rails (center) and kick rails (bottom) are used to prevent delamination of veneers due to exposure from outside moisture and other elements. Factory pre-hanging also ensures that the "reveal" (the small gap between the door and the jamb, when the door is closed) is always correct.
Sun Mountain will not pay any cost to remove defective doors or to install new doors, and will not be responsible for any finishing costs or consequential damages. Final warranty inspection will be made at Sun Mountain’s location, upon receipt of defective product.

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