They do want to know, as quickly as possible, who you are, what product or service you provide, and how that product or service can help them achieve their goals. They also have to know how to take next steps to working with you, so they are going to be frustrated if you don't place your contact information in some strategic places.
I want to show you how to create a client-attracting, lead-generating LinkedIn profile in five minutes or less.
The fastest way to ensure you deliver on those two key elements is to think about one simple reality: How most of us tend to consume content online. Even as you're reading this post, you're likely flicking along on your phone or scrolling on your laptop, scanning and moving fast, stopping only when something stands out and grabs your attention. When it comes to laying out your LinkedIn profile in a way that appeals to prospects who are quickly scanning to see if you have what they need, the "copy and paste" template below works as well as anything I've seen on the platform. A popular convention is making up a word that sounds vaguely like your product but also pleasantly alien.
But now Silicon Valley entrepreneurs will no longer have to stand at their desks trying to crush syllables together into something cool because, of course, there's now an app for that. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these pictures, other that this last one of How to Create a Killer Resume. I've taken entire business classes on just building your resume in undergrad and the after for most of these is something you would NEVER EVER want to do for a business position. I wish I could have a resume like one of these, but have been advised over and over again by companies and teachers to keep it simple, black & white, and plain.
Just like your business plan, your executive summary needs to be presented in a logical manner so it flows. Your executive summary is meant to grab the attention of investors, it is not meant to put them to sleep. Make them specific to the product or service you're offering or the industries you're serving. Copy and paste the template above into your LinkedIn summary section, then leave a comment below and let me know how it turns out!
This has led to the grating overuse of cutesy snippets like "ly" or "ify." If I see another "startupifyly," I may just toss my laptop out the window.

You enter in a bunch of "seed words," words that you think sound pleasant or that are somewhat related to your product. You could upload it onto a CD and then print your name and some great resume information onto the front! This would be perfect for wedding singers, artists with digital portfolios, any kind of person with portfolio work, really. They are ideas for new, creative ways to inspire you to get yourself out into the job market. I want to stand out (obviously) yet I suspect the line between good and gaudy is a shade finer when it comes to more administrative roles.
Put time into your wording, get the interview, and THEN win them over with your amazing personality! They rely on the executive summary to tell them which business plans they should continue to read and which plans they should pass on.
There are a few important questions that you need to answer in your executive summary to make sure investors sit up and take notice. It needs to be written in a way so any investor can understand what your business is about and what the rest of your business plan entails.
You need to show investors why the team you’ve chosen for your management is the logical choice and why the marketing plan you’ve chosen will work for your specific business.
A clear, concise, controlled introduction to your business is much better than a rambling data dump. Then Namewhale analyzes them and spits out a long list of potential names for your startup. After graduating with my BLA last year, I started looking for some as well, but found that my resume wasn't standing out from the crowd.
There has been a ton of talk through Pinterest and other social media sites on this subject, and I have to say that 1) Design your resume with yourself in mind. A business resume should be neat, clean and readable it should also be something that can easily be scanned. When it comes to the executive summary, it is the most important part of the business plan.

If a potential investor reads through your summary and wants to continue through the rest of your business plan, then you’ve successfully written a killer business plan’s executive summary.
Using plain language and keeping details about your business to two to three sentences will help to get your point across.
If your choices aren’t logical, they may raise some red flags and cause investors to move on to another business plan while yours ends up in an investor’s slush pile. It is the first thing that is read by investors, and it is the part of the plan that gets potential investors to decide whether or not they want to provide you with the funding to get your business started or to help it grow. To make sure your business plan doesn’t end up in the trash, there are a few simple steps you can take to make your executive summary stand out and get potential investors to say yes. Tim Berry, the founder of Palo Alto software, warns that investors and lenders expect a concise and focused plan. To give you the best possible chance of securing funding for your business, take your time in forming the best executive summary you can.
If you're a graphic designer, then create a resume that communicates "Hey, I'm a fantastic graphic designer with my own aesthetics", if you're a lawyer, then choose a layout and typeface that communicates, "Hey, I'm a laywer, who knows how to kill 'em on the courtroom floor". Graphic design is one of the few fields where it would be acceptable to create a resume such as the ones you have posted. You want your executive summary to be the section that gives investors a basic understanding of what you want your business to be. For the best chance to put your best foot forward, write the executive summary last so you can have all of your ducks in a row and have all of the information you need to create a winning executive summary.
This will take some research on your part, but is necessary so you and your investors know exactly what kind of competition your business will be up against, as well as whether or not your business will be able to sustain current market conditions. So, here's a little inspiration to help yourself stand out from the rest of the applicants, businesses and a million other people in the world.

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