March 26, 2013 By James 2 Comments Learn how to create your own website for free uk. So you are looking to create a website for yourself or your business, without paying anything, right? Firstly you have 3 options: get a web designer to make it for you (costly), use a template (typically poor quality), or a website builder (free and good quality).
The other two options, a web designer or template, will cost you money and you will probably not get the same results.
I have worked with many website builders, and I can tell you some are just awful,  however some such as Wix are very enjoyable to use and produce really nice websites, for free.
Wix has the largest collection of templates available so you should be able to find one that is right for you.
Take a look at what already works – What does your biggest competitor’s website look like? Get feedback – Ask your customers or friends what they think of the design and if it will work well. Social media – What better way to get your website known than by sharing it with hundreds of your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.
Forums – Get involved with a forum similar to your niche and share your knowledge (and your website link of course).
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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. More and more people want to establish a presence on the web whether it be to succeed in today’s business environment or even just for fun. Table of Contents Chapter 1 Plan your websiteTASKS· Website basics – What makes a good website? Rob Clymois Editor of Website Maker magazine, the long-running title formerly known as Web Pages Made Easy launched in the late 1990’s. Have you always wanted to learn HTML but find all that reading of books boring or difficult?
Well in that case you will need to use either a template or a website builder to create your website, in addition to a few other things. My recommendation is to use an online website builder as they are the easiest to use and produce good websites. A cheap web designer will typically use a template and will charge you extra just for adding content to it!
Below I will discuss how you can create your own website for free uk using a website builder.
Wix is my preferred website builder as it is the easiest to use, their selection is simply amazing, and they support virtually every country (oh and did I mention it’s free?). You should pick a category that best suits your business which will then provide you with the best templates to choose from for your particular industry.

Add your logo, text, and real images of your business to showcase who you are and what you do. In terms of colour you should make something that goes well with your logo  and the colour of your store (if you have one); this keeps everything consistent.
You now need to get it out there so people can visit it and appreciate your good looking website. Brilliant Web Design explains how to design and create an effective website using the task based method of the Brilliant series.
This is a tutorial based magazine aimed at helping people create a web site in simple steps. As well as being a keen writer on the subject, he is also a commercial site builder specializing in eCommerce. Rob is a regular contributor for other web creation titles including Web Designer, Practical Web Projects and Web Developer.

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