Product DescriptionThe Malvern Arley Pent is a cross between a garden office and summerhouse that offers you the opportunity to work from home at an amazingly low price. The floor of the Arley Pent has pressure treated joists to ensure that it will last for many years without decay.
To ensure this building fits into your garden space, you may specify the position of the doors and windows (some restrictions apply). Image GalleryArley Pent 10ft x 8ftThe Arley Pent model has 4 double glazed windows, all are fitted with opening top lights. Arley Pent 10ft x 8ftThis is a great entry-level office which offers fantastic value for money.
With fuel costing around £6 for every 30 miles you travel the savings from working at home soon mount up. So, rather than braving the roads every morning and evening, spending a fortune on filling up the car or buying a rail season ticket, why not put an Arley Pent in the garden and save a fortune ? Arley Pent 10ft x 6ftThere are several sizes available, all exceptionally competitively priced. Arley Pent optional t&g internal liningThe optional tongued and grooved pine lining inside the Arley Pent is carefully fitted to provide a pleasant working environment. When you choose either the mdf lining, or the t&g lining pictured elsewhere in this gallery, the building is insulated too with a uFoil insulation in the walls and roof. Arley Pent Antique Door HandlesAntique style door handles in black japanned finish are available for the Arley Pent along with a secure mortice lock and keys. Chrome fittingsThe Arley Pent has chrome fittings as standard, consisting of Chrome door hook, casement stays, hinges and handles. Arley Pent Single DoorAn outward opening single door is included with each Arley garden office. You can specify the door position at the time of ordering as the door can be fitted a) to either side of the front or b) in either end if preferred. Georgian windowsA close up of the optional Georgian Window style available with the Arley range. Arley Laminate FloorsWe are able to offer a selection of attractive laminate floors for our Arley range which, if you choose to have our bespoke fitting teams to install your building, will be fitted at the same time. Shown here fitted in the Studio range which has full length windows rather than the Arley's half length windows. Arley Pent Roof OverhangThe Arley Pent style roof overhangs the front door giving shelter when entering and leaving the office.
Please note that the shed section is not lined or double glazed and comes with a joinery made single glazed shed window and a solid, framed and braced shed door. In this picture of a 14ft x 8ft Arley Pavilion other options are the paint finish, internal mdf lining, bitumen felt roof tiles, and laminate floor. Please note that the amount of the building converted to shed use is up to you but is normally 4ft, 6ft or 8ft depending on the overall length of the building. Pressure treated constructionPressure treatment is literally that : all components of the building are placed in a large pressurised cylinder which forces the preservative deep into the timber.
Good looks and an extended lifetime are the main benefits of choosing pressure treated cladding. Our cedar Garden Offices contain cedar doors, windows and external cladding and trims. Established in 1986, we are real people with our feet on the ground and with a real investment in and commitment to our buildings. Please be aware that you will need to provide a good, strong and level base constructed from either slabs or concrete.
We will always confirm these details with you at point of order and we will provide you with base plans so that no detail is left out - ensuring that your garden office will be both delivered and installed without any inconvenience. As with all of our garden buildings, we like to provide our customers with a suitable delivery time. Our delivery times can vary from season to season, but typically you should expect to receive your building around 4-6 weeks from point of order. Product DescriptionThe addition of the Metrotile granular galvanised steel pantile profile roof tiles transforms the LidgetCompton Pent garage range.
By adding another dimension to the front elevation, the LidgetCompton Pent Mansard roof adds kerb appeal and is available in a choice of six colours. Galvanised steel one piece roof sheets means no joins, so no leaks and anti condensation treatment ensures best performance.
The Hörmann fully retractable, fully pre-framed door ensures perfect fitting every time.
It's a great example of many of the features you can specify to personalise your garage. LidgetCompton Pent Mansard 16ft6 wide x 16ft3This Double Pent Mansard is 16ft6 wide and 16ft3 deep. As with all of our Lidget Compton garages, there's a huge ranges of sizes and styles to choose from so please give us a call to determine which is the appropriate garage to accommodate your needs. Textured finish Pent Mansard 8'6wide x 18'3This is a useful way of blending your garage in to the surrounding property or countryside. LidgetCompton Pent Mansard 9ft6 wide x 16ft3This is a display building from our Ferndown branch of GBC. Maintenance free PVCu vergeboards and facias are standard features of the Pent Mansard range.
LidgetCompton Pent Mansard 9ft6 wide x 18ft3Another view of the Hertford display building which shows the Grafotherm, anti-condensation roof sheets, the rear guttering and some more detail of the maintenance free vergeboards and facias.
Roof coveringsIn the foreground you'll see the full length galvanised steel roof sheets we use on our Pent and Pent Mansard garages. Aggregate finishThere are four choices for the exterior walls of your Compton Lidget Garage. It's an attractive, inexpensive and maintenance free finish which is applied at the factory during manufacturing. Sectional brick finishThere's a choice of four wall finishes for your Lidget Compton garage. Our display centre staff can help you decide which one is most appropriate for your location !
Pennine stone effect finishThis stone finish is one of the external finishes available with your Lidget Compton garage. Cotswold stone effect finishIn the appropriate location the Cotswold finish helps your sectional garage, shed or garden room blend into its surroundings with ease. Shelf stackA handy addition for your concrete garage which attaches using sturdy metal brackets bolted to the concrete panels. Personnel door , 3ft ribbed steel.This is the optional 3ft personnel door, available for any of our range.

Personnel door , 3ft ribbed steel, interior.The internal door handles on our steel personnel door are substantial and easy to hold.
Personnel door , 3ft deluxe timber.This is the optional 3ft personnel door, available for any of our range. Personnel door , 3ft deluxe timber, interiorAn interior shot of the deluxe wooden door shown here on a Pent roof garage. Personnel door from insideThis is the internal view of the 3ft vertically ribbed, white powder coated personnel door available with most of our sheds and garages.
4 Point Secure LockingOur main garage doors have two point locking but for a small extra charge you can upgrade to 4 point locking. Brick front postsThere's a choice of optional brick finish front posts available with your Lidget Compton garage. Charcoal MetrotilesThere's a choice of 6 Metrotile granular galvanised steel pantile profile roof tiles available for the front elevation of your Lidget Compton Mansard garage. Bronze MetrotilesThere's a choice of 6 Metrotile granular galvanised steel pantile profile roof tiles available for the front elevation of your Lidget Compton Mansard garage. Cement fillet and mastic sealMaking your garage weathertight is very important and two of the key elements of this are shown in this picture. Internal view over doorsThe extra height gained from the addition of the Mansard roof is well illustrated in this picture.
There's a 4ft fixed PVCu window included with the Pent Mansard but this one has been converted to an opening window. This sectional door is shown on an Apex 20 garage but can be fitted to all of our garage styles. Sectional Up and Over Door internalThis is our 'sectional up and over door' from the inside. As all of our concrete garages are very heavy, they are normally delivered using large lorries.
To be able to do this, we will need to ask you questions relating to access and the size of lorry that will be able to reach your property. We provided whole building ventilation, whereby large communal fan gently extract air continually from every kitchen, bathroom and WC.
Showpiece kitchen "floating" rosewood table featuring a built-in seamless sink and built-in carousal.
Custom exterior stainless steel clad koa wood lift and slide sliding doors; three sliding units twenty-five 25 meters long. Chrysler Group’s Mopar team has the task of customizing and creating project vehicles that are a hit with enthusiasts. The Nukizer 715 is built on the Jeep J8 four-door military platform, a vehicle built for military and civilian government applications in Egypt. Because the original Kaiser had a pickup bed, the Mopar team thought an aftermarket AEV Brute cargo box, produced as a bolt-on upgrade for Jeep TJ models, might work well in this application. To re-create the original M-715’s distinctive forward-slanted front grille, wide hood and round fender flares, Mopar engineers built a front clip out of carbon fiber that artfully accentuates the features of the original and blends it perfectly into the J8 body. True to its nature, the Nukizer was just like driving a modified Wrangler — strong and sure-footed, and the extra wheelbase added a measure of comfort over any type of terrain.
The 2.8-liter four-cylinder VM Motori turbo-diesel used in the J8 platform was kept in the Nukizer’s DNA, but it was upgraded with a new tune to provide more horsepower and torque while being coupled to the factory four-speed automatic transmission. Weighing in at a moderately hefty 4,500 pounds, the Nukizer still felt nimble, and there was no seeming lack of power or torque coming from the diesel. To increase the vehicle’s fuel capacity, Mopar engineers fit a GenRight custom gas tank into the rear crossmember. The Nukizer 715 uses the factory leaf spring suspension system with Bilstein shocks to handle a large set of 38-by-14.5-by-17-inch BFGoodrich KM2 off-road tires mounted on Hutchinson beadlock wheels.
Mopar also went into its supply of products and added Jeep Wrangler rock rails and front and rear off-road bumpers to the Nukizer. Because the Nukizer 715 hits the mark with its Jeep heritage, and because it was a joint venture with manufacturers of hard-core aftermarket components, many off-road enthusiasts would gladly take on some trails in a well-built pickup like this one, if it were ever made available to the public.
After years of teasing truck enthusiasts and past Jeep pickup owners with cool concepts like the Nukizer and 2005 Jeep Gladiator concept, perhaps Chrysler and its partners at Fiat will respond to the pent-up demand that exists for a no-compromise, small off-road pickup and produce a new factory-built pickup with a seven-slot grille. Oxi - If that was the case you would know the Kaiser 715 this is named after was utilized back in the 60's. Oxi - Read what I am saying one more time real slow as maybe you will actually get it this time. Oxi, it scares me that you have a job, let alone are on the front lines of any military development.
As far as this vehicle, it is far to nice to ever be mass produced but at least mopar is getting the hint that a diesel, strong axles, and rugged is still in demand. Misleading title, this is a pure civilian vehicle and does no good service to the military! Take your hatred comments somehwre else and buy your GM like your socialist master Obama wants you to. Yes Oxi, I forgot about all those non straight axle dump trucks, tractor trailers and duece and a halfs I see. Man If Jeep made all there Vehicles like this, they wouldn't be able to keep up with the demand! Guess none of you guys that are fighting about the military connection picked up on the fact that this is a modified J8 Egyptian Army version of a jeep! It was bad enough to make us drool over the Jeep Gladiator prototype, just to see all the goodies (pick up body, lockers, winch) put into a Dodge Ram(!!) as the Power Wagon.
I like it and Id love it alot more than the old 715.The old 715 was a strong platform even though it orginal 6 cyl. Oxi, you are either a young person who hasn't even hit puberty yet and has no clue what you are talking about, or lord help us you really DO work for a company contracted by our government to build equipment that keeps getting my brothers and sisters killed. My friend who is lived in Utah has recently bought a Nukizer 715 Jeep from an retired army person and it is helping him a lot in his farm house.
IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO TURN JAVASCRIPT ON, PLEASE CALL US ON 0800 999 0123 FOR PRICING INFORMATIONVIEW PRICES REQUEST A BROCHURE ASK US A QUESTION PRODUCT DESCRIPTION IMAGE GALLERY DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION WHERE CAN I SEE ONE? Not only that but you get back many hours of your life by avoiding sitting in the traffic every day ! You can set these to maintain a minimum temperature when you aren't using the building so that paper and equipment remain at the appropriate temperature.
This also keeps the worst of the weather off the door and windows helping extend the life of the building accordingly. Pent versions would also have the shed conversion to one side or the other whereas Apex versions would have a rear compartment as a shed section if specified. The shed area is not an extension added to your building, it is part of the original dimensions.

With its own natural oils, it lasts for many , many years without rotting although we would advise you to treat it with a good quality wood preserver every couple of years to help maintain its good looks. Click here to get in touch!Delivery and Installation InformationAll of our Malvern Garden Offices will be delivered and installed (where applicable) by our skilled team of fitters - ensuring that your garden office arrives in perfect condition and it is assembled to the highest standard. This will need to be completed prior to our delivery date, ensuring that it is set and strong enough for that building to sit on.
We always give good notice of our arrival date, allowing you to be sure it is the right time for you.
All of our buildings are made to order, so during the busy spring to summer seasons this may increase to 6-8 weeks - dependant on the building that you purchase. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO TURN JAVASCRIPT ON, PLEASE CALL US ON 0800 999 0123 FOR PRICING INFORMATIONGET A QUOTE REQUEST A BROCHURE ASK US A QUESTION PRODUCT DESCRIPTION IMAGE GALLERY DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION WHERE CAN I SEE ONE? This is in addition to the unique C Section galvanised steel rafters for greater strength and rigidity. Spar, Brick or Stone effect panels, site applied Textured finish, RealBrick front posts and the full range of bespoke options ensure that you can choose the right building for your house, which will enhance its value, minimise insurance costs, and maximise kerb appeal.
It's fitted with our 'Premium Options' package which include the Georgian style front doors and personnel door amongst other features. A textured finish is applied to the concrete panels after installation which you can then paint to a colour of your choice. These are treated with Grafo-therm anti condensation treatment to help protect the contents of your garage from damp.They are robust, long lasting and secure.
No need to attempt to drill into the garage panels yourself ( which we definately don't recommend ). This one is in vertically ribbed steel and is finished with a white powder coated paint finish. This particular door has additional security with two point locking as well as the normal lock. When installed, your garage fitters will seal between the panels with a water resistant mastic sealant which prevents draughts and damp. You can also see the sturdy galvanised steel C section rafters which add strength and stability to the structure. Just check out the address on our site locator or follow the 'where can I see one link' above. Click here to get in touch!Delivery and Installation InformationAll concrete garages include installation by an expert team of builders. So that we can be sure that buildings are safe and undamaged when unloaded, we also use lorry-mounted fork-lifts to manoeuvre the concrete panels.
The flat roof can be less imposing for your neighbours and an attractive alternative to the apex style. The Jeep Nukizer 715 is one of the concepts unveiled at the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah, that made a big impression on hard-core off-road enthusiasts and Jeep truck aficionados. It’s a great platform to start with, but considering Chrysler’s knack for making old vehicle designs cool again, the J8 is the perfect vehicle to combine the DNA from the original Jeep Kaiser M-715 military vehicle and Jeep Gladiator, both created in the mid-1960s.
The drivetrain was upgraded with tough Dynatrac ProRock Dana 44 front and Dana 60 rear axles. This also gives the Nukizer better weight distribution, which was noticeable as we drove it over obstacles, and it never felt front heavy or unbalanced as it constantly leaped over sand dunes. The factory front anti-sway bar was replaced with a TeraFlex dual-rate bar that gives the Nukizer more control due to the heavier weight of the fuel tank and body.
The truck is also equipped with a Warn air compressor and 9.5XP low-profile winch, and Master Pull synthetic winch line. The only upgrade is a Garmin GPS Map 640 navigation unit, Atlas transfer case shift knobs and ARB locker switches. The vehicle not only appeals to both Jeep and truck enthusiasts, it also has the real capabilities of the original. Too bad it's another piece of unobtanium that only the excessively wealthy could ever hope to have.
Many Jeep guys have been recycling old FSJ pick ups and Comanches because Jeep has been lacking a pick up truck for a while.
Too bad this is prob the only place i will ever see it unless i get the gumption to build one my own self.
We want to hear your opinions and thoughts, but please only comment about the specified topic in the blog post. The height at the front is under 2.5 metres so there are no planning issues on this score, and installation time is generally less than one day. We always appreciate any helpful information regarding access to your pre-prepared base area and any details you may need to share with us about reaching you - so that the delivery process can run as smoothly as possible. Shown here only on the front posts, it can also be specified on the whole garage in a similar manner to the Pennine finish also pictured. Because of the door construction you can to park up closer to the door and yet still be able to lift it as it folds upwards while retaining its overall size. In addition, a few inches were chopped off the top of the J8’s front windshield frame to give the truck a rakish and aggressive appearance, and a custom soft-top created by Bestop was applied to the vehicle. Yet, considering the vehicle’s DNA and heritage, it would seem wrong to set up this vehicle with leather seating and a DVD player. If they do build it the price will be so high no one could buy one (no one that would use it for off roading). Its got good ground clearance, lots of power from its diesel engine so it should be quick and get decent mileage.
Base plans for each building and base-building information is available, to ensure that there are no issues when we deliver and install. This didn’t hurt the Nukizer’s ability to attract every truck and Jeep enthusiast who caught a glimpse of it as it managed to gather a crowd wherever it went. The transfer case was upgraded to a heavy-duty Atlas 2 unit, and ARB Air Locker front and rear locking differentials were also used to get the vehicle over just about any obstacle in its path. You could mount a machine gun in the back, throw canvas over it and haul troops, or just supplies. All Jeep needs is an insider (you would be a likely candidate) to grease the wheels for them.

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