Tri-Steel Southside Brisbane - Garden Sheds, Garages, Carports, Patios and Kit Weekenders Online suppliers - Australia wide sales of pre fabricated and custom made garden sheds, double, single and triple garages and carports, industrial sheds, commercial and rural, patio covers, aviaries, storage units, workshops, farm sheds, all purpose machinery sheds, storage and utility sheds. In an era where most suppliers have gone for the easy option of exclusively purlin-framed buildings, Tri-Steel offer an optional range of heavy duty fabricated , framed steel buildings. Tri-Steel sheds come with engineered plans to suit relevant codes with wind and snow loadings for most conditions. Tri-Steel has extensive in-house facilities and most facets of production from raw steel to finished product are overseen by our own staff. Tri-Steel seeks to be competitively, and fairly priced at all times, however quality is always reflected in the price.
For over 38 years Tri-Steel have been making steel buildings to withstand the worst cyclonic conditions. You have the choice of sliding, roller, personal and or sliding glass doors - Fixed or sliding windows. All welded frames of your Tri-Steel fabricated building range are manufactured from high tensile 450MPA steel with a high quality zinc coating to provide long life and strength in all weather conditions.

Tri-Steel offers customers only premium quality cladding to aesthetically enhance their building with a large range of decorative colours. With aTri-Steel carport or patio cover you have the opportunity to expand your home entertainment area and at the same time add value to your home. We can even provide side screens to give you privacy and shelter from sun and prevailing winds. Create your own living quarters, weekender or up-market garage by Tri-Steel's standard designs. Tri-Steel offers a choice of 4 special ranges and design the most innovative rural buildings in the country.
Suppliers to all area of Australia including Brisbane, North, south, east, west, Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Darwin, Alice Springs, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Lismore, Bundaberg, Toowoomba, Mackay, Townsville, and everywhere in between. Complementing this is our fully bolted connection plate, purlin framed garages and buildings, giving over 2000 standard configurations. This ensures that a greater degree of accuracy and quality can be achieved and also allows for flexibility in one-off situations.

You will appreciate the durability and strength of your product long after you've forgotten the price. This experience together with a commitment to leading edge technology and automated manufacturing using only the unmatched quality and strength of only premium grade steel, provides a building that's made to last a lifetime. We use only the most reputable suppliers offering the most comprehensive warranty available giving you total peace of mind and satisfaction. A quick call will certainly confirm our position offering 'value for money' quality building systems.

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