You can even leave teak patio furniture out in the snow or cold and it won’t harm the furniture. If you want patio furniture that will last and that look excellent, teak is a great choice. Teak is almost the only kind of wood that you don’t have to varnish to use it outdoors.
Just like teak if cedar is left untreated it will fade to a natural silver–gray color that many people like. There are mainly two types of oak used to manufacture patio furniture - Chinese Oak and Red Oak.

Whichever wood you choose, be sure that the furniture is designed and made to be used for outdoors. Composite decking is a mixture of real wood and other ingredients, such as wood flour, rice hulls and glue.
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The Shadylace lets in slivers of sunshine through clear sections of the canopy up some old-school labels and you’re ready for an afternoon of drinking on the deck.

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