I also heard of people taking rebar and bending it into a U shape and pounding three or four into the ground in a circle and put the feed in the middle. ORIGINAL: KISHWAA this guy pretty good maybe you should go with him lol, Looks like the whole head fell off most of them. Like silver said anywhere they have a good chance of hitting their antlers against something. So rumor has it…actually confirmed truth that the GOV tag was filled Thursday the 4th at about 5 PM.
Rough gross score of 207″, but he looks a lot more impressive than the score so no worries about that. Also the Sportsmans tag was also rumored to have tagged out out yesterday on the Henry Mtns., some busted tines but a huge buck with a big score.
He had easily over 21″ of broken tines that would have put him over 250 (Doyle says 251) and there is one broken cheater that we have no idea how long it was so he was probably bigger than that. He was a smart old deer ( and I do mean OLD!) and he was really hard to even find to look at.
This season a trail camera photo in eairly July showed us that the buck was still alive and even bigger than before. The governers tags started on the 15th and we had planned to scour the country to refind, or locate Hoodini when just like that he came to water again allowing a second view, and at a month later the growth was staggering. After several months of hunters chasing this true Utah Monster, it’s officially over. This entry was posted in Elk and tagged elk hunting, non-typical elk, Spider bull elk, Spiderman, Spidy bull, utah elk hunt, world record elk on September 30, 2008 by mdmadmin. I was REALLY impressed with how smooth it all seemed to run and how well it was all put together. I tried to take TONS of pictures for those of YOU, who couldn’t make the show and hopefully this will give you a taste of what happened.
I applied for 9 different tags and have my brothers apply for a couple and my dad for a few also.

The only thing that would have been funner was to have more smaller contests for prizes or shooting contests etc. Well the fourth of July weekend is upon us, let us all remember the great privilege we have to enjoy such freedom in our country and worship how we may. Im training my shed hunting dog to find whitetail deer sheds and once I plant one and he brings it back he just stays there waiting for me to throw it. Keaton Heath, 14, of Pittsfield, heads out in to the woods at this time of year to hunt for antlers shed by deer or moose. There is nothing that enters a man from outside which can defile him; but the things which come out of him, those are the things that defile a man.
First, you get some chicken wire and put it around the base of a tree so it is sticking out like a funnel towards the tree.
Awesome buck, yes I’ve seen several photos of him but DO NOT have permission to post and so I will not. Tory and I both thought the buck would gross score 285 inches with 12 points on both sides. We knew at that moment it was now or never as I don’t know if the buck would ever surface again. I was amazed at how COOL everyones booths looked and mesmerized by all the cool taxidermy and big game mounts. I thought it was a huge success overall and this will probably spring board to even better in the coming years. This year the Big Top's Friday Cabaret with Slightly Fat Features bringing their variety show of comedy and cabaret with a two hour show. He is also an expert in the technology, desktop programming, web programming and database theory.
4 winter kill fork horns, 5 does and two foxes(coyotes got 'em) had died within about 400 yards of each other.Kinda sad.
I remember when I was a kid we used to go horse back in the summer up Taylor's Fork in the Upper Gallatin just to camp and fish.

Comedian Justin Moorhouse fills the Saturday night slot, with visual comedian Steve Best , Mrs Barbara Nice with a brand new show, hospital radio DJ Ivan Brackenbury , spirit medium Ian D Montfort , and comedy magician Steve Price all also confirmed.
It was about 100 yards off of a 'decent' road out there, just down in a little coulee you couldn't see from the road.
Then, whenever the buck goes down to eat it and lifts his head up, the loose antlers will get caught in the mesh wire (just like the thick brush or bedding areas) and fall off right at that spot so you wont have to search as hard. There were a bunch of other guys that took pics as well so we’ll see how they turned out too!
On Sunday in The Dock Stage Deer Shed's cinema takes over with the Machines theme featuring 'WALL. However, as the sport of deer hunting has grown over the years, and deer populations are thriving, more hunters are being driven by an opportunity to bring home a buck they can put in the record books. I'm going to try it in the back yard soon for the first time to test it out and ill let you guys know of the results. Early on Saturday and Sunday morning the Lodge Stage hosts a selection of storyteller with The Flanagan collective presenting 'The. Man caves across the country are featuring big bucks on their walls as trophies of the sport they love. Serious hunters go as far as managing parcels of land with the specific goal of growing big bucks, with big antlers.
Once the season closes, many hunters keep trail cameras out, and wait to see when the bucks on their property have.

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