Homeowners love Denco backyard garden & storage sheds, And weekenders find favorites in cottage and pull-in bunkie options. Denco builds pre-fabricated garages in sizes of up to 12A?x 36A?, and in your choice of design. Run-in Sheds and Row Barns are low-cost, easy-to-move horse shelters ready for your pasture.
Run-in sheds are available as single, double or triple units and as gable or lean-to units. The customer is responsible for site preparation, ground levelling, any base installation, and obtaining local building permits or any other permissions. Denco delivers across Ontario, and manages escort and permit issues for any oversize sheds.

When necessary, we have the placement tools to hand place your shed, minimizing yard damage. Develop your custom configuration with options of row barn stalls, open run-ins or handy tack rooms. For foundations, we recommend using 6-8E? of compacted gravel or stone dust base, extending a few inches beyond the structure itself. From Pool-side Cabanas to simple Saltboxes, and from Playhouses to The Cottages, there's a shed that meets your needs.
We also offer run-in sheds, row barns, stables, arenas, hay storage sheds, pole barns and more. No problem, we also custom build on site, and we've done it for homeowners, business owners requiring industrial space, farmers requiring equipment space and more.

Whether it's time to downsize, reduce costs and eliminate the mortgage, or whether you just need some additional or temporary living space outside your main home, a Denco mobile home may be the perfect solution.
Choose from a wide variety of basic plans and common features, and remember, all sheds can be customized to your personal specifications.
Talk to us, and we'll be glad to discuss the possibility of your unique, personalized mobile home.

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