Lay down on the fabric with your arms stretched out and your shoulders at the fold in the fabric. Make the front opening of the robe by cutting a line straight up the middle of the front of the robe to the shoulder fold. Hem the edges along the bottom of the robe, the ends of the sleeves, and the edges of the front opening. Prepare the robe by cutting a 6 inch circular neck hole out of the robe centered around the top of the front slit. Align the seam you stitched up the back of the hood to the center of the back on the neck hole.
You will have two pieces that go over each shoulder and cross at the waist in the front and the back.
Iron a small fold near the inner edge of each piece to give the appearance of multiple layers.
Put the two pieces of the tunic on and have someone position and pin them together when you get the desired "V" shape.
Sew the two pieces together at the waist so they don't come apart when you are wearing the tunic. Put on the belt and place it over the stitch you made to hold the two pieces of the tunic together.

We found that the bottom of the robe was too long at the sides (because shoulders slope down from the neck). Some fans have said that they found this page after searching for Luke Skywalker, Jedi, Star Wars Costume, Jedi Costume Pattern and even an R2D2 costume for a toddler. A fan wrote in to say that he used a heavy, flat bedsheet (king size) instead of extra wide fabric. In the following section you will find out all there is to know about making the perfect Anakin Revenge of the Sith costume.
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This costume under glass at the MSI Chicago Science of Star Wars Exhibit is good to reference if you are going for that spot-on authentic Jedi look.
All you need is some inexpensive dark brown fabric (like broadcloth) for the boys and a lighter colored broadcloth or gauze for the girls. Broadcloth is 45″ wide, so even 1 yard folded in half, the length worked fine for up to about 8-9 year olds. Once you have the fabric folded for the length you need, just measure and cut for the width.
Easy peasy…and everyone will love their Jedi costumes!  The tunics are perfect for a lightsaber battle practice and Jedi training!!

This website was designed for entertainment purposes and the promotion of Anakin Skywalker Costuming. I wanted to include this photo in particular because it is a good example of the fabric textures and layers you're going for on the tunic.
Or maybe you have young Padawans that would just love a simple costume just to play dress-up in? No matter what the Star Wars occasion, these DIY no-sew Jedi tunics are SO easy to make and will help make your younglings feel strong with the Force!We actually made these simple Jedi tunics the first time for the boys’ Jedi Training Birthday Party. If you don’t have kids to actually measure, see about getting rough sizes and uses t-shirts for approximation.
I tried to cut the tunics just a little wider than the shoulders and then aimed for about 4-6 inches longer than a normal t-shirt length.

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