Adding an outdoor bar is a great way to make your outdoor life more fun and more entertaining. All images or other materials were taken from the web and believed to be in the public domain. Add an element of fun and excitement to your patio or pool area by incorporating an outdoor bar. Select an area near the pool or patio that has a level and solid foundation made of either concrete or brick.
Build two sides for the bar that are 39 inches high by 17 inches wide, with a brace in the middle. Assemble these pieces together by putting the side pieces between the front and the bartender sides.
Finish off the bartender side of the bar, using plywood that has been sealed with a water sealer. Subscribe to our free newsletter to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends, photo shoots, and more.
I love your bar and I’ve got this linked up to my patio projects roundup post too today – for inspiration!
My hope is that when you leave here you are inspired to go forth and be clever in your own home.
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With these 20+ amazing DIY ideas you can upcycle pallets into the ideal outdoor furniture for relaxation in your garden and yard this season. Cut down on trips to the kitchen to refresh your guests’ drinks by having all you need in a handy place. We don’t have a very large kitchen so this space is perfect for pulling up a stool to eat (and drink ;) We made this super easy bar area about 4 summers ago…it has served us well. When we had most of the boards secure…we took another pieces of treated wood and secured it underneath (screwing from the top down). Or if you plan to throw a small party on weekend, without it, your party could not be perfect. You can order a Tiki Bar kit and assemble it on site or you can build a one-of-a-kind bar from scratch. Measure the space to make certain it can accommodate an area 2 feet deep and 40 inches high. Build the bartender’s side by placing a 2-by-4 on the floor, the same length as the front piece. Having a private outdoor bar is easier than you think, but if you want a unique one, DIY will be quite necessary. Bars are typically 2 feet deep and 40 inches high, so you’ll need a flat, stable area that can accommodate that depth. This can be either a weather-resistant treated wood, a wood with a shellac finish or even metal.

Affix to the plywood bottom counter with the manufacturer’s suggested adhesive and clamp into place.
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Unlike those luxurious bars, DIY outdoor bar can be as simple as a table that is decorated appropriately, but it still brings you an interesting ambiance to the outdoor space. If you have the necessary space, you can have fun selecting weather-resistant finishes for the skin of the bar and the bar top. Cut additional 2-by-4 pieces and space them every 16 inches apart between the long top and bottom pieces. In addition to the beautifully decorated table, the bar made from wine barrels, old doors or shipping pallets could also be an amazing masterpiece. Cut a length of 2-by-4 to fit between the two uprights, and screw it on top of the 21-inch uprights. Screw an additional 2-by-4 across the middle of the back side of this unit for extra durability. Cut out the corners so it rests inside the skeleton bar frame and is supported by 2-by-4s on all sides.

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