May 11, 2012 · by Trish - Mom On Timeout · 40 Comments Anyone can make this DIY Garden Planter Box! Last year we decided that we would build a new planter box this year because we were having a hard time growing veggies in our current planter boxes. We purchased the materials at Lowes and it came to just under $170 including tax which I think is a fair price for a planter box this large.
Go to your local home improvement store and price out the different lengths of lumber and do the math to make sure you aren’t wasting anything. We repeated this process for the other short side and then moved the operation to the back yard.
Holding up the two short sides, lay an 8 ft board across to create the long side of the planter.
Flipping it over and onto the ground was when I realized how big this planter was – soooo exciting!
Thank you for sharing this tutorial, I have plans to do a veggies garden as well in our house, and did not know well where to start, this has been very helpful, I’m definitely going to try it.
We would LOVE for you to stop over and link up this awesome idea in our Crafty Saturday Showcase. This planter box, which makes for a perfect weekend project, is not only easy to build, but more importantly, provides several key benefits to would-be green thumbs. Some of our most popular posts over the last 3-4 years here on Stark Insider have been about Loni’s DIY vegetable planter box. The final step, weeks later of course, is to enjoy the fruits (uh, veggies!) of your labor, and treat yourself, your friends and family, to fresh dishes. As usual, when you’re done the project, send in your photos so we can share your story here. If you’re interested in going vertical with your greenery, why not make one of these vertical wooden box planters?
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The box has some weed fabric below it to keep the weeds from growing around the bottom of the box (moreso on the outside). This Instructable leave show you how to make concrete boxes exploitation cardboard and duct This example is group A planter but they could also be useful as.

Pins about Planter box ideas hand picked by Pinner Judas Hannah DIY Garden dressing table drawer raised beds articulatio coxae Girls Guide to Homemaking Living.
If you want to start your own garden, but have limited space, try my DIY planter box plans. I posted the plans, and photos of the building process, which you can find here: Venturing into Vegetable Gardening. People are downloading the plans for this Vegetable Planter like crazy – over the past 24 months or so there has been over 3,000 downloads.
I finally got around to building my planter box this past weekend and thought i’d send you a photo. These are all the posts related to gardening on Stark Insider including photos from around the world, updates, and tips. I’ve too been planning to build one of these this summer … more motivation to actually get out there and do it!
I need to make a planter and even found some wood in my travels around town hunting for junk.
You make it look so easy with your instructions that I now have the courage to get mine done haha..THANKS!!! One is the farm-to-table movement, which now finds itself moving to the home (yard-to-table).
It saves space, which makes it ideal for those of you who are living in apartments or studios. Whether you’re building a ground up home for you and your children or just adding a Bali hut to the poolside, you’ll find friends here. Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks!We're coming to YouTube soon! DIY Network experts build a planter box with a crown and a fathom exterior frame with cedar diy planter box plans tree panels affixed to the frame and good add plants for antiophthalmic factor reach of. Build planter boxes of This is an indestructable waist high planter box that we Bob Hope will bring America to partial veg independence from the market put in this season. When it comes to simple culinary pleasures, there is simply nothing better then heading out your back door, grabbing some fresh tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber, and then preparing a fresh garden-to-table salad.
Another is that healthy living is on the uptick, and by surrounding your home, and kitchen with fresh ingredients you’ll no doubt take a step in the right direction when it comes to nutrition.

Many have used these plans to build gardens for schools or local community organizations, which then use the vegetables to serve healthy fare at lunch (I really, really like this idea-although it could take a small army of boxes to feed a large school). These are the plants that he filled the planter boxes with just after he completed building them. It’s also an efficient way of watering plants as excess water from the boxes above drip into to the ones below. To find free pallets head to your topical anesthetic web site here http sites How to make a planter box. Anyway, thanks so much for posting the pictures of your building process, I couldn’t have built it without them.
As many have written in to tell us, the legs raise the work space to the waist which eases back pain, and makes working the garden a joy.
Others have written in to tell us theya€™ve built one for a seniors home; the legs help keep the box at waist height resulting in less strain on the back and legs.
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Literally, the password for the pdf didn’t work for me for some reason so I just followed the pictures. Sometimes they get lots of wood that are warped and not good to build with for general projects however they are wonderful for raised beds.
By the DIY experts of The category jack of all trades Magazine The planter boxes themselves were gorgeous they kept rabbits and other critters from munching on my. Unmatchable selfsame important consideration regarding fashioning DIY room dividers diy planter box ideas could real well be the initial brainstorming session.
In the evening when the boxes are filled with lush plants the lights will add nice visual interest and create interesting shadows. Being in a new house (you can check out my house building journey HERE), I have focused all of my time building furniture for the inside.

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