If you want to make your weekend or holidays more fruitful, creative and fun then best ideas is to start some DIY projects for home or garden improvement. You could also decorate your room or garden walls by using wood in different styles and patterns. Well these were some DIY wood projects ideas which I have selected for you to make your weekend more productive, fun and artistic.
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Lipstick and sawdust: reclaimed wood bench project and plans, After my mudroom remodel (pics coming soon to lipstick and sawdust), i wanted to create a bench where my children could sit and put on their shoes, by the. August 17, 2013 By Beckie For only “$15 and an afternoon of work,” Ashley from Shanty 2 Chic created a stunning piece of wooden art for her wall.
Since I am newly married, the funds needed to develop a beautiful home have been slightly lacking. The wine barrel is one of the most re-used wooden items already: wine makers often use barrels over and over again depending on the wine they are creating.
Either repurposed from anywhere you can find them, or picked up at a Goodwill or yard sale, crates have a ton of great uses for vintage decor.
Update: If you like this table, check out the other DIY project we found featuring wooden crates.
This was a new one we simply stumbled upon but when a friend bought some palm trees, the palette that encased the palm tree base was perfect for creating unique signs. While the three ideas above were for specific types of wood, the possibilities for old and worn pieces of wood are endless.
So there you have it, my quick and dirty collection of four beautiful ways to repurpose old wood. Go Green, Go Solar!Going solar is one of the best ways you can cut your footprint and your bills at the same time.
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Today I am going to share some fun creative and easy DIY Wood Projects which you could start this weekend for adding something new and cute to your home.
Wood tables are bit difficult to make but I have added some easy DIY table ideas which could be made easily without much expertise. Soon I will come up with some more DIY crafts project ideas to give new look to your home and garden. I love how this pallet style art combines modern and rustic with the geometric design, natural wood grain, and distressed edges.
This is a good thing though as it has helped my wife and I to really think outside the box and develop decor from repurposed items easily available to us.
You can put four crates together to form a beautiful center table with this guide, or do what we are currently doing by taking a crate and screwing it to the wall to be used as a cool vintage nightstand. The pallet broke down into four pieces and I have already used two of them to create signs around the house and have given one away to a friend for their house. Every time I see someone taking out an old weathered fence, I know that I must ask them for that wood. Check out the what solar panels cost at your house, or head over to Cost of Solar to get your free report on how much solar could save you…and the planet!
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I have added different wood crafts projects which could be made with different types of wood. Talk about a great scrap buster project if you’ve got some extra plywood and boards in your garage.
In doing this, my wife has developed a love for recreating something new from something old. Currently, we are using two halves of one wine barrel in our small backyard patio to grow herbs in a way that is unique and beautiful. With a vintage piece of wood like this, some stain, and a couple of stencils,you can create a beautiful piece that works perfectly with any home. You can use it for art on the walls, build tables with it, make a raised plant garden, etc.

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Some items for daily usage could be made with wood and you could also try making some home decoration items. Just use wood pallets for making hanging racks and place some small vases, flowers and decoration items for decorating your home in a new way.
This list spotlights four of the ways we have created beautiful decor while recycling and doing our part to make sure less items go to the dump.
Each half can hold 3 different plants and being able to grow your own herbs instead of buying them is a huge plus for the organic gardener in all of us. These are a few ideas, but just a simple Google search will give you enough projects to actively seek out crates that are being given away.
Use your favorite quote, Bible verse, or family saying, and you instantly have a unique piece or art. My current personal favorite is the little adventure board (above) I created with five pieces of wood and some cheap clothes hangers. In the pictures added below I have added two pictures where wood racks are hanged with ropes. All of these projects require a small time investment and limited money, but really this post is to push others to see the beauty in things that are being thrown away all around us. We also plan to take another two halves of a wine barrel and use them to prop up a center table in our small living room. It was a really easy project, but everyone that comes over talks about how fun it is to see our catalog of adventures. A pretty unique creation from some left over fencing wood from the neighbor, there is a guide on how to make it here.

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