I think the Tinkering Monkey stand is quite a bit more elegant, and since this is a stand that goes on top of a counter in a business, that does count for something. We think there’s a big difference between making something for yourself and pirating the designs of others in order to undercut them on the market. I'm in the process of building one out of this plan too except I'm trying to use pallet wood. I fell in love with wood tiles made of varying types of wood and in different colors at one of the crafty stores here in Tokyo. Let’s just say that there are certain complications with cell phone carriers and phone contracts when you are an expat spending a decent amount of time in the States. Cheap And Easy DIY Wooden iPad Stand - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Picture Of Cheap Diy Wooden Ipad Stand Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.
You’ve probably seen a few small businesses using an iPad and a Square Card Reader to push consumer purchasing power into the future. Producing this product in its industrially-produced materials is quite a different thing from a wooden version, and the latter certainly could not compete with the former on the open market.

If Joe Schmoe wants to build his own working counterfeit iPhone out of American hard wood, you’d better believe we’ll publish it! I live near a furniture company that uses only gorgeous, untreated local woods and they have the good grace and humanity to put out their little cuttings and scraps in a bin for anyone to take. We're Alyssa & Carla, and we love boba tea, washi tape, spreadsheets, fried dough, exploring, and cast iron skillets.
He knew he was using the iPad as the Point-of-Sale device, but an iPad flopping around on the countertop is just lame and unprofessional.
Instead, he snagged some oak plywood, measured twice and cut out the various pieces using a table saw, a jigsaw and concentrated batches of joyous laughter.
If, however, you prefer to make it yourself like Jchon did, you’ll want to see the video of the assembly down below. You have thoroughly inspired me and now these treasured bits will finally be put to brilliant use! There are plenty of different cool iPad stands on the market but they all aren’t budget friendly.
Many stand awkwardly holding the iPad as they ask me to jab my signature into the screen and (more violently) tap my email in for a receipt.

Instead, being an accomplished woodworker, he set out to make his own oak stand worthy of a fine coffee purchasing experience. He completed the look by banding the edges with oak veneer, then applying generous layers of stain and shellack.
There are plenty of iPad and Square Card Reader models on GrabCAD for dimensional purposes. This is the first stand I’ve seen developed for the pad-holding purpose that prevents the awkward holding and screams style to your patrons.
If you could find a piece of exotic wood the stand will looks really great.Check out full instructions on Instructables.

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