Cuando dejaste tu hogar para marchar a la universidad (o simplemente, cuando comenzaste la universidad) empezaste a formar parte de la filosofia Do It Yourself.
Do It Yourself, mas comunmente conocido como DIY, es una tendencia que lleva anos abriendose hueco  en nuestra realidad y en nuestra forma de ver las cosas. Esta “filosofia” se basa en la idea de que las personas podemos construir, reparar e idear todo lo que necesitamos, sin necesidad de comprar nada, sin necesidad de contratar a nadie. Aunque es una tendencia que lleva presente decadas, Do It Yourself se ha revitalizado en los ultimos anos, con el auge de las tecnologias y el mundo 2.0. En SUROSCOPIA nos sentimos bastante identificados con DIY, pues nuestro objetivo es promover la difusion de vuestras obras mas alla de cualquier limite, y animaros a que si amais el cine, lo creeis vosotros mismos. After all the items were added, we measured out a half cup of rice and used a funnel to add it in.  This gave us a small bit of math practice.
I asked him if he ever encountered companies that were building their own CRM solutions internally. Tuviste que aprender a poner la lavadora, descubriste que las camas no se hacen solas, y la frase “??Mama, que hay de comer?!” perdio el sentido.
Los punks arreglaban ellos mismos sus ropas, disenaban sus complementos, adornaban sus cazadoras.
Mingled in are her perspectives on being a crunchy momma, having a long-haired hippy boy and using follow-your-gut parenting.
When designing and decorating the house independently we receive many benefits, savings, we are pleased with the product which we have made.

Sin saberlo, comenzaste a desarrollar unas habilidades que hasta ahora desconocias, un potencial oculto, y hasta le cogiste el gusto a eso de barrer (bueno, no exageremos). El sector del arte ha estado historicamente condicionado a las exigencias de los mecenas, en primer lugar, y  a las condiciones de las distribuidoras y la industria, mas recientemente.  En el terreno audiovisual podemos verlo claramente. See more of Andie on Crayon Freckles' Facebook page, on Pinterest or on her parenting teens site Why Does My Teen? Before making decorative elements look what you have in the garage warehouse, in closets, see what you can use and discard the rest. The items that you have found or think about what you can make from it and make a sketch of the thing you want to make.
Change the images if you must, run custom scripts against our API, and export usage data to include in your own data warehouse. Fifty-two percent of the servers running on RightScale are controlled by completely custom ServerTemplates, not ones we provide.
What RightScale aims to do is provide a layer of abstraction that makes the difficult and mundane tasks, like auto-scaling, much easier. As you start down this path, you cobble together some tools to accomplish your first foray into the cloud.
Unfortunately, technologists have a tendency to "reinvent the wheel" as they continue along their path to the cloud.
Netflix "designed its cloud architecture so that it has the option to move to an Amazon Web Services competitor" if needed, according to this NetworkWorld article.

At a recent conference, Adrian Cockcroft, Cloud Architect for Netflix, mentioned that Netflix has 50+ engineers working on this cloud-independent solution. Doing some quick math, that's about $8.3 MM per year Netflix spends building and maintaining this platform.
That could buy a lot of RightScale Enterprise Editions!At the end of the day, we see many customers who come to us after they outgrow their own internal solutions. So while cloud management may seem like a fun weekend project to tackle, it's not - please don't try it at home.Yes, Amazon is still the dominant cloud, but a tornado of new clouds is swirling. Forbes ran articles on how this extensive cloud computing knowledge is in high demand in IT and is a ticket to the corner office, and we're starting to see RightScale listed as a required skill on some of these cloud job postings.Next, I've heard from a few more larger companies who have built their own internal cloud management solution. They also cited approximately 50 engineers in their cloud computing groups, so it seems this is the sweet spot for development and maintenance of a robust internal solution.
Let's not forget about the PaaS-like solutions we offer with our ServerTemplates in this regard - it is not just automated provisioning that these larger companies ultimately need to build.I'm not saying you can't "do it yourself" in cloud computing (or in anything for that matter), I just want to encourage developers to avoid the trappings of #3 above - namely ignoring off-the-shelf solutions in the interest of personal discovery.

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