Very fast delivery, great serviceMy son needed a hockey stick, I ordered one from Barrington Sports with standard delivery - the hockey stick arrived the next day! YARCH 3" Fruit Vegetable ceramic knife with Scabbard + retail box ,2 color handle select.
Emtek's brass door knobs and lever door handles are forged (not cast or stamped) from solid brass to yield thick and heavy products for a truly solid look and feel.
French Antique, Pewter, and Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes are hand relieved to give each part individual character. Emtek lever door handles have a fixed stop at the top of their stroke so that it only rotates downward, not up-and-down like most products you find at large home improvement centers. Latches are heavy-duty diecast construction with strong internal springs and solid brass nose bolts. A plastic bushing located in the joint between handle and rosette ensures a friction free wear surface - preventing metal from bearing on metal and provides smooth long-lasting operation.
Each Emtek door handle has a set screw which, when tightened, eliminates wobbling of the door handle. Putco Chrome Door Handles sport a sleek, mirror-like shine your vehicle needs for limited-edition gleam.
Please inform us if you need 21mm screws, otherwise I will send 25mm screws for you) Packing:individual pull with screw as one set to canton.

I'm a returning customer and any queries or issues with any orders have always been dealt with very promptly and professionally. Normal use will produce natural relief of the oxidized finish and reveal rich highlights on raised portions of the door handle design. Meaning, there is no warranty for items with Oil Rubbed Bronze, French Antique, Rust, Deep Burgundy, Medium Bronze, Flat Black Patina and Silver Patina finishes. The custom fit, including keyholes and keyless entry button cutouts, produces a quality look that lasts.Made of automotive-grade ABS plastic, Putco Chrome Door Handle Covers are molded to withstand years of abuse on the most touched part of your ride.
A full refund including shipping will be rendered in the event that the item is not as described. Thrilled to find Kituout locally and even more thrilled that Ben and Joe from Kituout clearly view Customer Service as one of their top priorities. Admittedly I made my selection from the sale range, but still they came in with the cheapest price against anything I could find on the net. And, unlike a solid metal replacement handle, Putco Chrome Door Handle Covers won't yellow with age, stab your hand with sharp edges, or gouge your budget.Best yet, you get all the looks without any hassles. I ordered Hoodies for my dance school, printed with our logo and individual names, and they were then designed, ordered, printed and ready for collection inside of 2 weeks!!!
That's because Putco Chrome Door Handles cover your stock handles in just minutes-no time-consuming removal of your original handles.

Great quality and any aftersales queries have been handled with the same fast and positive response. Just remove the backing from the pre-applied 3M adhesive, fit the chrome door handle covers over your originals and press.Put eye-popping shine on your doors! The price of such a process might have put you off for a while but there could be cheaper solutions to your dilemma? To create a modern look, why not opt for chrome items that help to give a contemporary appeal? Don`t leave your doors looking drab for too long give them the Door Handles that they deserve.
With news sets of handles on the doors in your home they can vastly improve theirdoor knobsDress your doors to impress with delightful Door Knobs and you`ll help improve their appearance.

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