The solar panel was a 9 volt array of solar cells encased in resin on a piece of G-10 that I found in a dumpster a few years back. The diamond wheel sat at a slight angle after I tightened the tie wrap down so I drove a screw in from the outside to nudge it straight.
The sled was built with aluminum pieces, polycarbonate (part of an old laptop backlight panel) and double -sticky tape and then run through the saw to make the slot.
I put foam rubber gaskets around the base, when the vacuum is running it collects the dust, pulls cool air through the Dremel, and sucks to whole saw firmly down to the work bench. I’m still playing with technique and blade height but the saw does a pretty good job of cutting these paper-thin sheets of silicon.
I built a table saw from one of my Dremel look-alikes, using a very thin blade of 25mm diameter. The table was made from scrap printed-circuit boards, superglued to a couple of bits of wood and the motor body was Jubilee-clipped to another bit of wood: although it's a right Fred Carnot's lashup, it will cut to a depth of 2.5mm, enough for my 1mm ply! The motor has plain bearings, with their inevitable end-play, so there is a little 'float' in the position of the blade but I don't think it's enough to matter.
Long before the Dremel Saw-Max and Rockwell Versacut mini multipurpose circular saws hit the market, Craftsman had a mini circular saw of their own. The new saw is suitable for plywood and other sheet materials, plastic, light metal, wood boards, cutting tiles and flooring material, and it can help with grout removal. Anyway from what I read it seems Craftsman is introducing the most powerful mini-saw in the market yet with some unique features and a guide system which I had never seen before!
I hate to eat my words, but I talked with the local Sears tool dept Mgr and he said the redesigned tool was fairly new and blades are available. Needed to replace some bad board on the back of my garage and wanted something light so I could cut while boards were still attached to garage, this saw worked great!

Woodpeckers One Time Tool: 45-90 Stainless Steel Triangles for Marking Angles Time For a Bigger Drill Press - Recommendations?
In the next test, I plan to use the relay module with a variable DC power supply to activate one or more pinball solenoids.
The design was borrowed from this instructable and quite a bit of scrap material was used, so the end result is not very pretty but should do the job.
The aim of this mini-project was establish Bluetooth communication between a Macbook and an Arudino UNO. Several tutorials I looked at were using the Arduino Micro which may be useful for future projects. I recently finished reading Creative Confidence by Tom and David Kelley of IDEO. There is also a TED Talk  from David Kelley on the same topic.
Firstly – some standard sized pinballs to get an idea of the sizes and weights involved.
Lastly, a Wireless Bluetooth RF Transceiver module, for getting Bluetooth connectivity on the Arduino. After looking at a few different types, I went for one called HC-06, basically because it was the cheapest. I just love the idea of capturing light during the day with solar cells and batteries and then releasing it at night to create a fairy tale ambiance. The lanterns where hung from our trees with telephone wire (the kind that goes from the pole to your house) and the wires connected to a weather proof box containing a battery and a solar cell on a pole. These can then be cut into quarters to yield the right size cells for small 9 and 18 volt panels (the voltages you need for charging 6 and 12 volt batteries, respectively. Once cut I gently clean up the edge with 400 grit paper and test the cell with a meter for shorts and to make sure it is producing the .5 volts it should.

The guide appears to be optimized for flooring and other materials that approach its maximum cutting capacity, but it works just fine with thinner workpieces. The kit will include 3 blades for cutting laminate, ceramic, and metal materials, and additional blade types will be available separately. And, to be satisfied with performance of a tool, the user needs to be aware of the tools comfort range and have more general purpose tools available to do different scopes of projects.
I have found that local Sears stores do occasionally carry products that the online store has run out of or doesn’t stock. The relay was set up to control a low powered circuit consisting of an LED, a 9V battery and a resistor. I decided to make my own rather than buy the official Dremel Router Table, mainly because I wanted the option of adding a mini-saw in the future.
I have one more panel but I have plans for many, many more LED lighting projects so I went looking on eBay for cheap solar cells. These cells are paper thin silicon and the easiest way I found to cut them was with a diamond wheel on a Dremel tool. I used a 2″ hole saw to make a place for the Dremel tool itself to mount and held it in place with a screw-eye and a zip tie. Craftsman has released a new multi-material-cutting version of the mini circular saw, and it comes complete with a convenient miter track.

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