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Blue Ribbon Natural Malaysian Driftwood is an ideal decoration for all terrarium & aquarium environments. Zoo Med Aquatic Natural Mopani hardwood can be used in aquarium s or terrariums for natural decoration. Fluker's Driftwood terrarium decor instantly creates an authentic tropical look, in addition to providing reptiles and amphibians with an excellent climbing surface. Fluker's Deluxe Driftwood terrarium decor instantly creates an authentic tropical look and provides reptiles and amphibians with an excellent surface for basking and climbing. Zoo Med's Sand Blasted Grapevine provides a natural climbing element for any terrarium, aviary or cage. This unique grapevine with different sized and shaped branches is both useful and beautiful.
Zoo Med's Floating Turtle Log provides security, comfort, and stress reduction for aquatic turtles, newts, frogs, mudskippers, and tropical fish.
Bottomweighting prevents the log from rolling over, even with two 4 in (10cm) turtles on top.6-month manufacturer warranty. Fluker's River Wood terrarium decorations are authentic, all natural Oregon hardwood pieces, with smooth surfaces and an attention-grabbing marbled appearance. Reptile Driftwood - Natural Wood for Aquariums & TerrariumsProviding authentic, natural decorations for your aquarium or terrarium pets is essential to recreating an environment that feels safe and comfortable to your animals, and natural driftwood is an ideal solution.
While driving up the coast of New Zealand, we found a spot a little out of the way that had this incredible driftwood.
I finally got around to using the great pieces of driftwood we collected during our little Kauai getaway. First, I used my tea candles to ¬†figure out exactly where I wanted them to sit on the driftwood. Not only do my driftwood candle holders make the perfect addition to our coastal navy bedroom, they’re also a great keepsake from our trip! This entry was posted in DIY and tagged beach, candle, creative, decor, decorating, DIY, driftwood, easy, holder, house, Interior Design, island, keepsake, make, repurpose, tea light, Travel, votive by shaleah. In 2010, Polish outdoor artist NeSpoon gathered crocheted lace doilies and installed them on pieces of driftwood at Oak Beach on the Baltic Sea. Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day.

These beautiful natural driftwood pieces SINK and do not require weights to remain seated at the bottom of your aquarium. If the item is not up to your expectations you are responsible for shipping the item back to us. Deep, chocolate brown and light, sandy yellow colors and striking shapes and textures are sure to be a focal point in any habitat.
The extremely dense hardwood structure sinks immediately and won't rot like driftwood, making it perfect for aquatic setups.This wood may release tannins into the water, creating a yellow or slightly brown tint.
Great for climbing on, crawling over, slithering through and hiding under, this beautiful, unique African hardwood makes a great addition to any habitat. These heat-treated grapevine pieces feature bold natural designs and are larger in diameter than any other driftwood on the market.
Each piece is assembled from California driftwood and shaped to fit perfectly in common tank sizes. This natural wood decoration offers a perfect basking area for reptiles that benefit from closer access to heat sources and UVB bulbs. The hollow resin log floats just at the surface so that turtles can bask on top of it or hide submerged inside.
These natural decorations create the perfect basking platform for a variety of snakes and lizards.
These unique, attractive wood pieces are visually stimulating while providing a space-filling decor that will facilitate many intriguing activities for your pets. Many people made pictures of the installations, they moved them around from place to place, they were even used for the construction of beach camps.
The tannins are natural compounds, and should not harm fish in freshwater environments, but soaking the wood before introducing it to your tank may help to minimize the tint.
The natural texture of wood helps to encourage your pets' natural behaviors, including climbing, hiding, nesting and basking. Make sure to used extreme caution when handling a drill, work on a safe surface, and wear protective eyewear.
To remove excess tannins and minimize this effect, soak wood in a separate container and change water daily. Snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs, and other reptiles and amphibians will love all of the options natural driftwood provides.Pet Mountain's Reptile Driftwood store features top quality wood products from the most trusted names in reptile care, including Zoo Med, Ocean Star International and Blue Ribbon. When the water color goes from dark brown to a very light "tea" color (or clear), the wood is ready for your aquarium.

Zoo Med Natural Mopani Hardwood can be used in aquarium s or terrariums for natural decoration. Deep, chocolate brown and light, sandy yellow colors and striking shapes and textures are sure to be a focal point in any habitat. Since trees tend to not all be exactly the same, every piece is different and varies in size & shape. The Ocean Star Smooth Bark Tree Stump Ornament is a smooth bark tree stump that comes in three different sizes. OSI Marine Lab employs professional designers to develop well-crafted, detailed ornaments that you will be proud to display. These high-quality Smooth Bark Tree Stumps will enhance the beauty of your pet's environment, giving years of enjoyment.
These realistic smooth bark tree ornaments can be used in your aquarium or reptile terrarium! Blue Ribbon Natural Malaysian Driftwood is an ideal decoration for all terrarium & aquarium environments. This Malaysian Driftwood is easy because it sinks and does not require weights to remain seated at the bottom of your aquarium.Your Online Discount Reptile Driftwood StorePet Mountain carries thousands of quality pet products at low, low prices.
Feel free to browse through any of our specialized stores to find the exact item you need!Pet Mountain products are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. We do everything we can to work with our manufacturers to ensure that you get the quality you expect, the service you deserve and the best prices in the industry.
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Its all about giving our dogs, cats, birds and other pets a good life!At Pet Mountain we know that your pet is one of the most important things in your life.
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